Kid Rock Still Loves Pam


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Dec 30, 2006
He and his friends try to break down wrong door looking to kill Tommy

A Hard Rock Hotel VIP guest who was awakened at 6 a.m. Sunday by someone attempting to kick down his door has a different version than the hotel's account.

"Hollywood" Dave Stann, a pro blackjack player, disputes the Hard Rock's story that Kid Rock tried to smash the door. A Hard Rock rep, in an e-mail on Sunday, said Kid Rock realized he was at the wrong door and apologized by giving the guest an autograph.

"It was two huge linebacker dudes screaming, 'Tommy's in there,' " Stann said in a telephone interview on Monday. "They started kicking in the door. I told them, 'There's no Tommy in here.' "

Stann said he called security. When security arrived, the thugs "had left size 14 boot prints and splintered the door," said Stann, who said he and his girlfriend were "freaked out" by the incident.

Stann said his 11th floor suite, a floor that can be accessed only by a VIP room card, is two doors down from the Hard Rock's penthouse suite for high rollers.

Hard Rock publicist Spencer Villasenor, in his account, said Kid Rock was "looking to settle a dispute over ex-wife Pamela Anderson." But when Kid Rock realized he was at the wrong door, "the gentleman that he is, signed an autograph for the apparent fan" and left.

Stann said the Hard Rock came up with that story because "they wanted to keep good relations with Kid Rock."

Anderson's ex-husband, Tommy Lee, performed at the Hard Rock on New Year's Eve, while Anderson was hosting the New Year's Eve party at Tao, The Venetian hot spot. Kid Rock hosted and served as deejay at Jet (Mirage) on Sunday night.

Stann said security told him the two men they found at his door were Kid Rock's bodyguards.

Villasenor, reached on Monday in Los Angeles, reiterated that Kid Rock was at the door.

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