Just Another Ordinary Day


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Jun 30, 2004
It started out as any other ordinary day
By Roxanna Moser (09/11/2006)
I got up early and waited for the sun to come up so I could go for my morning walk. At almost
the midpoint of my walk, I met up with a woman from the crew getting
ready to work on the road, who asked if I had heard that a plane had
crashed into the "two tall buildings" in New York. When I asked if
she meant the World Trade Center, she said, "No, those two tall
buildings." Realizing I wasn't getting anywhere, I simply said no.
Neither of us knew it, but the second plane had already hit the south
tower. She thought it was an accident.

Something, however, made my heart start pounding, and I wheeled
around and ran home. And when I say ran, I mean ran. I turned on
the TV immediately upon entering my home and saw the horrifying
images already on the screen. I thundered up the stairs to awaken my
sleeping husband with the words, "Get up, something has happened." I
turned on the TV, and we both began watching what had previously been
beyond our comprehension. My friend Sammie called and asked if we
knew what had happened. I told her we were watching it. After
talking with her, I called my dad, a member of the greatest
generation, and asked, "Dad, are we at war? Is this what it feel
like?" He said, "Yes, this is what it feels like."

My husband had to be someplace, and I was home alone. I did nothing
all day but watch TV and drink coffee. I don't even remember if I
had anything to eat. The answering machine was on. Our world had
just been turned upside down, and people would have to wait.

At some point in time came the announcement that Barbara Olson had
been on the plane that hit the Pentagon. At that moment, the surreal
and unthinkable became the very real and very personal. You have to
remember the times. It was all Gary Condit, the now disgraced former
congressman, all the time. Barbara Olson was everywhere on the talk
shows commenting on the issue of the day and also hawking her new
book, which we had pre-ordered. Did we know Mrs. Olson personally?
No. But she was a face that we knew, and she was now the face of the

It is hard to believe that five years have passed. It is equally
hard to believe that the unity we felt as a nation no longer exists.
The New York Times, which had a front row seat to the carnage, aids
and abets our enemy by revealing information about classified
programs, which are then struck down by one of the seemingly endless
stream of judges whose egos will always outweigh their abilities.
Democrats bicker about the war in Iraq, despite the fact that we are
killing terrorists by the hundreds there. Where would they prefer
that we kill terrorists? Here? In a deliberate effort to turn
America against President Bush, the liberal mainstream media refuses
to report any good news, instead focusing only on the bad. Then, we
are treated to the likes of Tim Russert saying that people have
turned against the way, as though they had no part in it. It is
frightening to watch the so-called liberal elites, who fancy
themselves so much smarter than us little people, coming off as
completely oblivious to the consequences of losing a war we cannot
afford to lose.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. So far, the Democrats have
shown that they cannot lead, don't want to follow, and don't want to
get out of the way. Criticizing President Bush from the cheap seats
of partisan rhetoric seems to be all they can muster nowadays. I am
afraid that there is going to be a lot more death and destruction
before this country gets it, I mean really gets it, that we are in
trouble. But, how much will there have to be before the likes of
John Kerry and Ted Kennedy and John Murtha realize that a house
divided against itself cannot stand.
Roxanna Moser

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