June is “Pride” month

I think the bigot OPer has demonstrated quite neatly why we have Pride Month in the first place.

I love me some irony.
Please, articulate it for us. Don’t leave out the part where you endorse child sexual mutilation. Or the destruction of women’s sports. Or how you hate actual homosexuals because they challenge the dichotomy of your gender ideology.

Thanks in advance.
I just did. Your entire, embarrassing display in this thread.

What’s embarrassing is you fruitcakes being so obsessed with children. I’ve been posting in this thread for about 3 weeks. You guys have been targeting kids with transgender ideology from years now. Just leave kids alone.

Thanks for keeping Pride Month alive and well.
You are welcome. I will keep Pride alive by helping to distance the Trans fruitcakery from the homosexuality. Pride has been colonized by ideological freaks.
Remember when being “queer” wasn’t synonymous with being retarded?

“What the kids are up against” is a bunch of adult fruitcakes who want to be involved in their sexual development.

His pronouns are “Uncle” and “Fester”.

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