Judge Imposes Gag On Trump In Manhattan Criminal Trial.

Trump gave the judge no choice but to slap him with a gag a maggot order. Because that's what Trump is. A fucking maggot who doesn't have enough brains to shut his big mouth.

Plus he's a psychopath.
/—-/ Trump, like all Americans, have a right to defend their honor and reputation.
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Daaaaamn infringing on his rights before the trial even starts :lol:

See rules 43

In Allen, the court held that “there are at least three constitutionally permissible ways for a trial judge to handle an obstreperous defendant like Allen: (1) bind and gag him, thereby keeping him present; (2) cite him for contempt; (3) take him out of the courtroom until he promises to conduct himself properly.” 397 ...

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