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John Brown gun clubs.....get some real training before you hurt people....


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Jul 19, 2014
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The left wing is starting to arm up....that means that violence is on the way....usually ending in mass graves...look at Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba.....any place the far left has taken over....

But for now, the American left is getting into guns......they are just doing it "stupidly" as obama might say......

Here is a look at why they are gunning up, and how dumb they look so far....that will change, the left takes to violence and killing the way ducks do to water....

Keep in mind....as long as they are law abiding, they have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms....just like normal Americans do...

Articles: The Left Arms Up: John Brown Clubs

Something often overlooked when dealing with the American left is that they’ve adapted the process of “projection” as a political strategy. It works like this: the left accuses the opposition (it could be “the right,” or the middle, or even traditional liberals, for that matter) of some crime or other. It can be anything at all, and it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not – the accusation is all that counts. Once placed in the record and validated by our current media, the accusation then becomes a new benchmark for political activity – as far as the left goes, anyway. Because the “far right” or the “fascists,” or whoever, violated the rules, it’s now okay for the left to do the same. They have no choice, really, if they want to save the People from being ravaged by the fascist hordes. You have to fight fire with fire, no?


Targets set up twenty paces away, clearing their weapons while aiming at their feet, that bizarre Frederick the Great-era firing line.… Clearly, the Brownies know next to nothing about guns – how to handle them, fire them, gun safety, whatever. Because they don’t think there is anything to know. The impression the left has about gun owners is simple: gibbering psychopathic loons waving weapons of mass destruction in a pathetic effort to make up for personal deficiencies. A threat to decent people, and nothing more.

Leftists – Brownies among them – have no idea why people own guns. Because they have no idea, they think they have nothing to learn beyond what end the slug comes out of.

The process of learning about guns – how they are safely handled, how they are used, the differences between types and makes, and what they are for -- does not occur.

The same is true of the growth in character that serious firearm ownership demands and encourages – the enhanced sense of personal responsibility and discipline that is one of the great benefits of living with firearms. The Brownies don’t know that this exists.

Therefore, it doesn’t happen. It’s as if somebody tossed a set of keys to a Mustang to a fourteen-year-old and told her to take it away without any effort to impart driver safety, the rules of the road, and so forth.

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