Joe Biden Tells Howard Stern He Saved 6 People From Drowning When He Was a Lifeguard

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Super Joe Biden called in to the Howard Stern radio show and it was the disaster one might expect. It was a cavalcade of Super Joe tales and fables. The really disturbing part is that Biden, being a serial plagiarist, apparently hears of various stories and then repeats them with himself as the principal character.

He’s also quite the ladies man, a legend in his own diseased mind.

Biden continued, “A lot of lovely women – women would send very salacious pictures and I’d just give them to the Secret Service.”

Joe Biden also told Howard Stern he saved 6 people from drowning when he was a lifeguard back in the day.

“You ever save anyone’s life when you were a lifeguard?” Howard Stern asked Biden.

“Yeah, half a dozen times,” Biden said.
Did they grab his hairy legs and get a ride back to shore

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