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JGalt's Totally Awesome Walmart Adventure


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Mar 9, 2011
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Let's take a walk through Walmart today and see what we can see. :04:

WTF is this curb-feelin' freakazoid ??? Is she like a fish-woman or something?
Hey lady! Don't you know that you can't breathe under the sea?


How ghey is this shit? No wonder boys are growing up to be girls. We had BB gun and firecracker fights when I was a kid. There's nothing more fun than bouncing a lit firecracker off your brother's noggin, just as it goes off.


Looks like Walmart's ammunition scheme is working. The neckbeards are hoarding it faster than Walmart can put it on the shelves. You really figured out how to bump up the pre-hunting season ammo sales. I gotta hand it to you, that was pretty slick. :biggrin:


Moth balls? How are those moths going to reproduce without any balls?


Creamed Mexicans. Now I know what ICE is doing to all those illegal border-crossers. Guess they shoulda stayed home instead.


Racist pancakes, yo!! Lookin good, Ho. Even if you are 130 years old.

I'd hit that. With a spatula.


$1,000 an ounce for Saffron Threads??? I started this stupid thread and didn't get paid one frickin' dime.


Chicken paws??? Now that is totally fucking disgusting. Who the hell can't afford some thighs or wings?



Apparently going sootfaced is the new craze among California Democrats and Canadian Prime Ministers.


Now what economic genius did this? a 2.75 ounce spray can of WD-40 up front by the register, for only 75 cents. But if you walk back to the hardware, the same size can containing 3.0 ounces is $3.00.

Let's see: 75 cents? $3.00.....75 cents?....$3.00....75 cents?....$3.00

Tough choice.


This is the main reason I ever go to a Walmart. This damned pimento and cheese stuff is so good, I eat a couple containers of it every week.


Time to take a crap. I hate to let my carry piece touch the same floor that some retard probably pissed on. So I usually take it off and set it on top of the toilet.

If anyone ever finds a pistol on the back of a Walmart toilet, please call me so I can come retrieve it.


Hey guess what!!!! President Donald J. Trump himself just showed up here with a special message for all you zipperheads....


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