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Is donnie-boy trump the Amazing Shrinking president?


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Aug 8, 2017
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Over the last week we’ve observed the Embarrassment in Chief at his incoherent best as he wandered through the Charlottesville tragedy like the spineless stumblebum we now know him to be.

• He sees a moral equivalence between the hate-filled, racist Nazis and KKK, and those fighting racism.
• He failed miserably, in his inability to bring Americans together after Charlottesville.
• Leaders around the world have commented on trump’s weak statements following the tragedy.
• Even cowardly and slothful republican congresswhores have commented on trump’s weak leadership and statements.
• trumps poll ratings will soon be so low it will take a dumpster diver to read them.

So, is trump the shrinking American president. Walking around the Oval Office, standing about as tall as the desk. Spewing his nonsensical insults like a disappearing spoiled brat. Is he already a miserable failure as a representative of the American people? We should worry about this because he seems to lose more respect with every passing day, every brainless Tweet, every incoherent statement he utters.

Once respect for our president is lost, will the next President, a real President, be able to restore it? And what of the lost prestige of the office? These are all topics that are now talked about openly on radio, on TV, in articles, in overseas political conversations, around American dinner tables.

Creeping authoritarianism

Trump also relentlessly bashed the “crooked” and “dishonest” media. He brought a paid cheering section to his lone press conference. And he used that forum to club CNN as “fake news” and to call BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage” for, respectively, reporting on and publishing an intelligence dossier authored by a former British spy that alleged a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.


President Trump doesn’t seem to get that, and doesn’t seem to care. The more he ignores facts, repeats falsehoods, demeans institutions and constantly reverses himself, the more the presidency will shrink in power, prestige, relevance and influence. Trump’s approach to governing is therefore, ultimately, self-defeating. With every tweet alleging, for instance, that U.S. allies owe us money or that a free press is the “enemy of the people,” the presidency is diminished. With every press briefing where White House aides insist—against all evidence to the contrary—that candidate Trump was wiretapped by President Obama, he is making himself less powerful. With every undercooked statement or policy rollout, he is defining the presidency down and charting a course for his own failure. And he is also damaging the institution of the presidency for his successors, who will have the challenging task of rebuilding the lost credibility of the office. He risks making that loss his most lasting legacy.



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Jul 12, 2012
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BS-----Trump's comments thru the current ongoing national and international disaster
have been APPROPRIATELY tentative---------the mess is still ongoing

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