In Karelia , a monument to the victims of the "Finnish occupation" will be erected at the place of STALIN´S mass executions


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Sep 3, 2017

bizarre world of Muscovite imperialism. They 🇷🇺 🐖 blame German National- Socialists for execution of 300 000 Belarusians in Kurapty as well , its part of Moscow´s imperial politic , unfortunately our extreme left and right very often swallow / use Moscow propaganda narratives

In Karelia (Finnish territory UNDER Moscow occupation), a monument to the victims of the "Finnish occupation" will be erected at the place of STALIN´S mass executions

A stele with the inscription "Victims of the repressions of 1937-1939 and victims of the Finnish occupation during the Great Patriotic War" will be erected on the territory of the Sandarmoh memorial cemetery in Karelia.

У Карэліі на месцы масавых растрэлаў сталінскіх часоў усталююць помнік ахвярам «фінскай акупацыі»

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and this is not en isolated incident , Moscow empire literally attack history ( truth about Moscow empire(s)´s CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ) not only inside of borders Moscow empire , but abroad as well .

this article NN. from 18.12.2023 (NN. the oldest Belarusian newspaper )

Kurapaty is now free for Moscow /pro-Moscow vandals". They defaced the ugly inscriptions on Lastowski's cross, Clinton's bench, the cross of Polish victims - and no one is even trying to remove these inscriptions. It seems that people are afraid, especially since there are a huge number of so-called "photo traps" hanging on the trees.

On the other hand, the communists freely spread their fakes about partridges. In one of the corners of the Kurapatsky forest, a laminated inscription appeared - "Earth prison. Many thousands of victims of the German-fascist genocide of the fall of 1941 were kept here before being shot," and below it is added "Hamburg Jews."

This inscription refers to a fake, which in recent years has been spread by pro-putin communists led by retired colonel Alexander Plavinsky. Pro - Moscow Communists say that the Germans shot Jews from Western Europe in Kurapaty, and allegedly built an "earthen prison" to keep them. Now they have even marked this fictitious "prison" in the area - who will forbid them.

У Курапатах да дрэваў прымацоўваюць камуністычныя фэйкі ФОТА


WIKI , those killing took place before the German invasion , actually many stalin´s prisoners were slaved by it.
Sandarmokh (Сандармох; Karelian: Sandarmoh) is a forest massif 12 km (7.5 mi) from Medvezhyegorsk in the Republic of Karelia where an unknown number, estimated in the thousands, of victims of Stalin's Great Terror were executed. More than 58 nationalities were shot and buried there by the NKVD in 236 communal pits over a 14-month period in 1937 and 1938.[1]

1000 victims were from the Solovki special prison in the White Sea. It was long thought that the barges carrying them were deliberately sunk on the way to the mainland, drowning all the prisoners on board. Others were rounded up during the Great Terror in Karelia,[2] in accordance with quotas for prisoners, 'enemies of the regime', and a variety of "national operations". According to available documentation at least 6,000 were shot and buried at Sandarmokh.

Those shot at Sandarmokh, 1937–1938​

The thousands executed over 14 months from October 1937 to December 1938 fall into three broad groups. Many were from Karelia, a total of 2,344 free inhabitants of the republic. A smaller number (624) were forced "settlers" (i.e. peasants exiled to the North after the collectivisation of agriculture). A great many of those shot (1,988) were already prisoners of the Belbaltlag (White Sea–Baltic Canal) camp system. A smaller group of 1,111 prisoners were brought there from Solovki prison camp.[3] Together they made up almost half of those shot during the Great Terror in Karelia.[14]

"Alongside hard-working peasants, fishermen and hunters from nearby villages", wrote Yury Dmitriev wrote:[15] "there were writers and poets, scientists and scholars, military leaders, doctors, teachers, engineers, clergy of all confessions and statesmen who found their final resting place here." Among the last named group were prominent members of the intelligentsia from the many national and ethnic cultures of the USSR – for example, Finns, Karelians, and Volga Germans. Ukraine was especially singled out, losing 289 of its writers, dramatists and other public figures, the "Executed Renaissance", in a single day.
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You seldom see Nazis referred to as "German Nationalist-Socialists". Was the intent to soften the atrocities attributed to Nazi occupation?
"German Nationalist-Socialists"
it was the official name, the National Socialist German Workers' Party, you can read it here s well >

so whats about my question ivan 🇷🇺 ? who butchered civilian people in Sandarmoh ?
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i found the the original text , Emilia Slabunova is a brave women , pootler can kill here for this :
This was reported by the deputy of the Zaxabra of the Republic of Karelia, Emilia Slabunova
У Карэліі на месцы масавых растрэлаў сталінскіх часоў усталююць помнік ахвярам «фінскай акупацыі»
the original text
you can write her on tweeter as well

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