I’m so old …

Are you in your 50s 60s or 70s OP?

Then you are NOT old!

Are you in your 80s 90s or 100?

Then you are

How many times has a certain coyote been blown up, fallen off a cliff or been crushed but a thousand pound weight and emerged unscathed for another episode? They’ve got more lives than the proverbial cat :yes_text12:
I watched a video about Coyotes where the woman said all they do is piss all over everything. Even their drinking water is pissed in. She does not recommending having them.

Maybe. But I took a gummy.

So, maybe not.

May be best to just forget it.

I’ll stipulate. You’re young. Very young. Possibly a model?

Did I mention the gummy?

I don't understand a word.... but whatever you say LOL... :lol: :biggrin:
What??? Well, Beale, I am definitely that old. I have never seen that in my life.
It was a big thing in the mid and late eighties. The thing was, during exam week, students would wear their slippers and jammies to exams.

. . . and then? It became a regular thing.

During the early nineties, it went back and forth in the editorial columns of the student papers, for literally years, as to whether it was disrespectful to professors, or whether that behavior should be limited to exam week.

. . . I frankly thought the whole debate was dumb when we had wars in Kuwait & Iraq to debate. :rolleyes:

Had I known back then, what I know today?

I'd have typed up a letter, warning everyone, that after they graduate, that behavior would then become common place in all of society in the new millennium among their own kids.

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