I couldn't tell which side he was on!


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Oct 28, 2013
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I couldn't tell which side he was on!

Cirincione may explain this subject better than anyone on Earth. He is so even handed in discussing Iran's position and Obama's deal with Iran I couldn't tell which side he was on...the far Left position representing Obama or the Right, in wanting to be realistic and tough minded, not pandering to the crowd nor playing the charm game, factual and knowing the details and seeing all sides of the situation.

But maybe it's just me.

I'm a steadfast supporter of most Right wing issues and many Right wing elected officials on the national level.

But EVERYONE has a 'blind spot.' A thing or person which they can not see or understand clearly.

Maybe this guy, Joe Cirincione, is telling the truth and is correct with his information. After all, he has an impressive resume. But he MIGHT be a bigger con-man than Obama!

I'm not sure.

Joseph Cirincione - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So, tell me not only what you think of what he says about the deal between Kerry and the new Iranian President, but whether you think he can be believed.

I think he makes sense, is believable, is telling the truth and is correct in his conclusions.

I think he and Kerry and Obama deserve our cooperation or support on this one, until or unless you know something that disqualifies what he's said here.

Here's 10 minutes of his address.

See what you think.

Book Discussion on Nuclear Nightmares

Dec 5, 2013

World Affairs Council | Charlotte, NC

Joseph Cirincione talked about his book, Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late, in which he discusses the possibility of nuclear weapons being used. He says that the decline in the number of .. Read More
55 minutes | 409 Views
Book Discussion on [Nuclear Nightmares] - C-SPAN Video Library
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