Bull Ring Hypothesized: james bond v. Natty C

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Aug 8, 2016
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Let's go! You know what about.


I'll be in and out during the morning. I'm not gonna spend all my time in this thread, though. I like to read the rest of the board here and there when I'm on here.

This is pretty much a mirror of your thread. Except now were gonna have to demonstrate how well we're able to formulate logical arguments with regard to that topic since you had the stones to infer I couldn't. I assure you I'll try my best nevertheless.

As I recall, you want the federal government administering Creation science. Government, though, is force. How's that jive with free will? Hm? How? Of course there's the debate with regard to whether Creation should even be part of scientific methodology itself. Apparently, you think it should? Why?


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Nov 10, 2019
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Well, if you disagree with Creation science and agree with the current and accepted theories of science, then explain how in the world NASA and the whole universities preach that "time dilates" when time doesn't exist physically.

Are NASA and universities teaching the explanation of such a "time dilatation" detecting time first, second using and object at fast speed and observe how is causing dilatation of time, and third observe time recovering its former status after the object slowed down or went away from detection?


And are you accepting the superfluous idea that time dilates just because atomic clocks malfunction in space?

Are you out of your mind?!!!

Are you satisfied with the current curriculum teaching a theory of biology claiming evolution of species when no species in this planet has never ever evolved?


Look, first fight against the good for nothing teachings in schools which have nothing of "scientific" and later with a clean mind from those brutalities that have been input in your brain, return here and finally you will be the right person to challenge Creation science.

By now, you having in your mind al that garbage invented centuries ago by poor ignorant dudes like Einstein, Darwin, Hawking and others, definitively you are not in condition to challenge anyone about other attempts to explain our universe from other different angles.