Hunter gun trial starts monday. What's you prediction

So is Hunter going to walk or found guilty

  • Guilty

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • Not guilty

    Votes: 7 53.8%

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I believe this is a win for Biden campaign wise. If Hunter was found not guilty he would be facing accusations of tampering, influencing, intimidating the process.

Now he can say look, the process worked.
Huh? Nobody's wrong until the sentencing. A gun felony to a lowlife, godless fuck that rapes minors is just street cred... now putting that in a federal lockup with similar (except bigger and blacker) convicts, that's a different story.

When Hunted acquires a new nickname - "Prison Pussy" - and starts screaming for daddy, I'll be glad to admit I'm wrong.

Ashley, looking good! Freshly showered?

biden fuck buddies.jpg
can't wait for biden to run o his 2nd ammendment policies.
Hes running against what 85 million gun owners. Honest gun owners at that
Is anybody whining and crying and screaming Total Witch Hunt?
Or screaming about Corrupt Judge and two-tiered Justice System?

They don’t have to because bidens kid actually had a fair trial….Trump did not
Does hunter have Secret Service protection….? Or is that only for minor children?

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