Hitler clip, claimed to call for extermination of Jews - soaring among Arabs

Nazis Agreement With Palestine Arabs. -

The Glasgow Herald · ‎ Jun 28, 1961, p. 7

Adolf Eichmann said in court to-day that an agreement with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem "had influenced the Nazi rulers to ban emigration of European Jews to Palestine...

Daytona Beach Morning Journal, May 19, 1947, p. 2

Meet The Arabianazis

By Walter Winchell.

For many months now the front pages of the world have- been crowded with the blow by blow description of a struggle which has finally reached the United Nations . . .
The problem has been how to find a place under the warm Palestinian sun for the living skeletons who, from 1933, suffered the foul tortures of Hitler's fevered brain.

Arrayed against this pitiful group of human beings is a wicked clique of men who, despite their hostility to the Allies, have been granted powerful voices within the United Nations. Sitting on the sidelines — and whipsawed by the Arabs into hatred for one another— are the United States and Great Britain. . .

This week, a United Nations Committee decided to hear all the facts. The Arabs answered with threats of war. War is a horrible crime ...

Now. then, is the time to point an accusing finger at the real criminals — and to document the charge with incontrovertible evidence.

The whole Arab world is led by a Hitler stooge, a dictator in his own right. His name: Haj Amin El Husseini— otherwise known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Those who speak for the Arab cause (at the UN) do so under his direct supervision and control. Here, in a capsule, is the political career of this Arabian Fuehrer. In Iraq, Italy and Germany, the Grand Mufti organized Arab legions to foul up the Allies in 'Europe and Africa. He stimulated the Baghdad pogrom (in '4l) resulting in the murder of 400 innocents. He inspired a revolt by the Iraq army against Great Britain in April '41.
When the Iraq revolt flopped he fled to Italy as Mussolini's guest. In December '41 he went to Berlin where Hitler set him up in a special office with branches in Germany and Italy— for propaganda, espionage and sabotage against the Allies.
The Mufti didn't spend his time playing parchesi. 'He had offices in Istanbul and Geneva; in Athens established a sabotage school; in the Hague trained students in wireless transmission, high explosives and demolitions; parachuted agents into Turkey, Syria and Iraq to cut telephone wires, oil pipe lines, and to sabotage railways and bridges . . .

And who has this great "statesman" chosen as his spokesmen beiore the United Nations Assembly?

Have a few looks:​

Dr. F. Jamali:
Chief spokesman for the Arab League and Foreign Minister of Iraq, a country that fought in World War II as an Axis partner. British intelligence describes this Iraqueteer as the principal agitator for the Nazi movement in Iraq. Jamali calls himself an "educator" — but the British Defense Security Office says:
"In 1937 Dr. Jamali. at that time Director-General of Education, visited Germany where he was accorded an official welcome and was lavishly entertained. On his return Dr. Jamali was prevailed upon by the Germans to send a delegation to the Nuremberg Rally of 1938. A delegation was sent and the Iraq youth movement was reorganized on the lines of the Hitler Jugend.
The Iraq Ministry of Education (headed by Jamali) worked actively on behalf of the Germans against the British and against the interests of their own country."

Farrid Zein ed Din:
Syria's gift to the UN Assembly and one of the Arabs' most important representatives. In 1941 this man was arrested as an Axis agent by the Allies in Syria and thrown into prison for three years. When freed he was immediately welcomed back by his pro-Nazi Iraquislings — to become an important spokesman at the U.N. in the U. S.

Emil Ghouri:
He pronounces his name "GORY" (how accurate!) ... This Arabilbo is the chief of the York. three-man delegation sent by the Arab Higher Committee to the UN. . . British Intelligence brands Ghouri as a Chief Advisor to the Grand Mufti—when the master .war criminal was organizing the Iraq Rebellion against the British. B. I nails this Arabum as "responsible for propaganda, intrigue 'and subversive activities inside and outside of Iraq" during the dark -days when the English were being crushed from the East and West by the Nazi blitzkrieg.

Wasef Kamal:
A delegate of the Arab Higher Committee to the UN — and a close pal of the Grand Nazi... This Arabigot was Hitler's honored guest in Berlin.
He was so bad that the British excluded him from the amnesty they granted to other Arab leaders. Which apparently qualified him as an Arabian spokesman. Before the Arab League sent its flunkies to the UN the groundwork for its position was set in the U.S by imported svmpathizers.

Ahmed Hussein:
Arrived in the U S. a few months ago as a "correspondent" for Cairo newspapers, By his own admission he-is a high- pressure Arab press agent. Hussein is the head of the Fascist "Young Egypt" Party and and a pal of the Grand [Mufti]. Was the chief speaker at a recent New York meeting of the German -American Republican League — organized by two convicted hate-peddlers named Kurt Mertig and Ernest Elmhurst.

H. L. Katibah:
Old-time professional Arab propagandist and editor-in-chief for the Institute of Arab-American Affairs. This outfit is the successor to the Arab National League which (prior to Pearl Harbor) cooperated closely with the Nazi German-American Bund. The late president of the Arab National League, Dr. Shatara scurried around, speaking before pro-Nazi organizations in the U. S. Katibah and his Institute of Arab-American Affairs continue feeding the American public the "truth about Palestine."

These are the men who now tell the people of the world (gathered at the United Nations) how to establish "justice for all" in the Holy Land. Since 1935 these Arabandists have been part and parcel of the Nazi propaganda and military machines.

Now, May, 1947, Hitler's,.Fifth Column has emerged from its burrow in Asia to raise its voice in the Boro of Queens. This Arabnoxious clique makes Britain look like a monster, the U. S. a puppet, and the Jewish people (millions of whom died fighting the Axis) carpet-baggers.
Give these Arabs hoods to match their sheets and you've got — that's right!— an Asiatic Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Or in lusty lingo — phony Arabian Knights.

Well, the middle East undercover men are now out in the open. The only thing missing is the goose step, but an Arab's sandal on the neck of freedom feels the same to the people whose face is being pushed into the dirt.
The Arabs, by their own admission, describe the economy of their country as depending upon the unpaid servant class.
In plain English, this means slavery.

NY Queens College: Muslims "pAlEsTiNe" FKtivists call fir Hitler to come back - RamadaNazis Part 4

Mar 22:

Queens College Hillel calls pro-Hitler graffiti a threat to student safety, demands action from administration.
The graffiti on buildings around campus included the messages, “You better start hiding, Jews,” “Israelis, I’m coming after you,” and “Hitler, please come back. Teach Jews a lesson.”

Queens College Hillel calls pro-Hitler graffiti a threat to student safety, demands action from administration.
By Luke Tress March 22, 2024 5:31 pm

(New York Jewish Week) — Queens College’s Hillel chapter says recent graffiti on campus targeting Jews was a threat to student safety and demanded action from the college administration.

The graffiti on buildings around campus included the messages, “You better start hiding, Jews,” “Israelis, I’m coming after you,” and “Hitler, please come back. Teach Jews a lesson,” according to a statement released by the college’s Hillel director, Jenna Citron Schwab.

The statement, issued Thursday, said the college’s Jewish community had experienced similar threats previously and had been warning college leadership for weeks about escalating antisemitism on campus.

“The vandalism threatens the safety of Jews,” the statement said. “Antisemitism has no place on our campus or in any society.”

The Hillel demanded that the college call out antisemitism, take steps to enforce its code of conduct to prevent antisemitic vandalism and punish the perpetrators.

The college’s president, Frank Wu, sent a statement to the campus community on Thursday saying that “antisemitic graffiti” was found in several bathrooms and police were notified.

“Queens College stands strongly against religious intolerance, racism, sexism, and bigotry of any kind,” Wu said.

In a follow-up statement on Friday, Wu said that the NYPD had classified one instance of graffiti as a hate crime and the others as criminal mischief.

“Let me be clear: Antisemitism has absolutely no place on the Queens College campus,” Wu said.

A Queens College spokesperson told the New York Jewish Week that Wu meets often with Hillel representatives and that they are “working together to address antisemitism.”

Queens College has about 4,000 Jewish students, close to 30% of its student body of 13,510, according to Hillel international.

The NYPD told the New York Jewish Week it had received two reports of graffiti at Queens College on Wednesday, both inside a women’s bathroom. There were no descriptions available of suspects in the vandalism. Police said the Hate Crimes Task Force has been notified.

Hand drawn illustration of a building
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Queens College is part of the City University of New York system, the nation’s largest urban college network, which has a total of 226,000 students across its campuses. CUNY has grappled with allegations of antisemitism for years, and has taken measures to prevent the spread of anti-Jewish sentiment on campus, including through a partnership with the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Tensions have been high at Queens College amid the Israel-Hamas war. A meeting between Muslim and Jewish students in November devolved into shouting. Muslim students at the meeting expressed support for Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel, which launched the war, and castigated an imam who organized the talk.

Wu spoke out against the school’s Muslim Students Association in November after the group denied Hamas atrocities. His criticism drew backlash from pro-Palestinian supporters on campus.
Hitler Has New Readers. -
Ocala Star-Banner, Jul 23, 2002, Page 5B

Hitler has new readers.

Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" is as vile as any book ever published.

Written in 1923 while he was in prison, it is the work of a failure, what is more, of a man who knows himself to be a failure. In the book he invents a "racial ladder" with Germans naturally at the top of it and Jews down at the bottom. If only they had been properly German, all those other people would have recognized his greatness. But by definition they couldn't be German, and they stood in his way, and so he had to kill them, stamp them out.

Almost 80 years after its first appearance, "Mein Kampf" remains an international hit. A slew of racists, radicals and Islamists share a frame of mind that the West is selfishly conspiring against them, with the Jews once again secretly .in charge. Catering to such people since the early '60s, editions of "Mein Kampf" have been put out in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and it is reported to be a best-seller in tge Palestinian Authority area.

As its Arabic translator Luis al-Haj expresses it, "National Socialism aid not die with the death of its herald. Rather, its seeds multiplied under each star."

Traditionally, Arabs were the masters and Jews were second-class subjects.

European-style anti-Semitism came in during the 19th century. Zionism, another import from Europe, redefined Jews according to nationality rather than religion, and the accompanying improvement in their lowly status abruptly challenged Arab assumptions of superiority. These second-class people could surely never have done it on their own; they could only be obtaining their new power from outside — it had to be a plot. Hitler says so too: They have no thought of building up a Jewish state in Palestine, so that they might inhabit it, but they only want a central organization of their international world cheating, endowed with prerogatives withdrawn from the seizure of others: a refuge for convicted rascals and a high school for future rogues.

Of all the Arabs convinced of Hitler's coming triumph, none was so eager as Haj Amin al- Husseini, the grana mufti of Jerusalem and then-leader of the Palestinian Arabs. Haj Amin converted the Palestinian cause into a local branch of Hitler's worldwide anti-Jewish persecution.
friend and admirer of Himmler's, he raised a division of Bosnian Muslims for the SS. Hitler made grandiose promises to him, but was cautious enough to add that they could be met only after victory.

Fanaticism had led Haj Amin into utter delusion. Hitler, the expected savior, had in reality the settled conviction that Arabs were "Untermenschen" and he had no intention of doing them any favors. On his racial ladder, Arabs occupied a servile place, held in much the same contempt as the Jews.

All sorts of Arab leaders were to follow Haj Amin's example and fall into the racist trap Hitler set for them.

It cannot be proved, but I suspect that many Arabs accept Israel as a fact of life. But the leadership, the intellectuals, particularly, have internalized and perpetuated Hitler's fantasies about Jews and a Jewish state.

In one Muslim country after another, leaders who may describe themselves either as Islamist or secular call for the State of Israel to disappear from the map, and its people to be annihilated. It does not seem in the least shocking to them to be proposing mass-murder.

Ahmad Ragab, a columnist for the Egyptian government paper "Al-Akhbar," is only one among many opinion-makers to "give thanks to Hitler, of blessed memory." The present mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Iknma Sabri, said quite typically before his recent meeting with Pope John Paul II that the numbers of Holocaust victims had been exaggerated.

But if really Hitler and his henchmen are role models, then it is confused and confusing that Arab media regularly publish articles and cartoons caricaturing Israelis as Nazis, twisting the Star of David into a swastika, and so on. In today's Arab world, Hitler and the Holocaust are labels bandied about without regard to historical truth, in order to promote hatred on the one hand, and self-pity on the other — twin signals of intellectual and moral failure.
"Muslim Brotherhood Are Nazi Inspired” | Jonny Gould | Adel Darwish.

Nov 25, 2023
'There's no normal anymore'.
Jewish rally in Teaneck park attracts hundreds in response to antisemitic events targeting the town.
By Leah Adler
21 March 2024, 9:59 am
...The planned car rally was just the latest in a long line of pro-Palestinian events held in Teaneck in recent months. On the previous Sunday, March 10, a protest outside Congregation Keter Torah, an Orthodox synagogue in town, against a private event showcasing Israeli real estate being held on the premises, drew about 1,000 participants, according to BCJAC estimates, and resulted in two arrests.

Yigal Gross of Teaneck, BCJAC’s spokesperson, sees these two protests, part of the string of other car rallies, demonstrations, and walkouts that have taken place in Teaneck since October 7, as “a targeted and malicious campaign to intimidate and harass the community.” The sheer number of events that have taken place in the township, along with their disruptive nature and hateful rhetoric, and the fact that so many of the participants do not live in Teaneck, make this clear, he said in an interview after the BCJAC rally.

At the demonstration outside Keter Torah, paintballs were thrown at cars, and two perpetrators later were charged with bias crimes. That demonstration also featured “shocking and hateful slogans,” Rachel Cyrulnik of Teaneck, BCJAC’s vice president, said after the BCJAC rally. “We heard, ‘Go back to Germany,’ ‘Go back to Auschwitz,’ ‘Rape is resistance,’ ‘Are you scared yet,’ ‘Globalize the Intifada,’ and of course, ‘From the river to the sea.’

“One protester told an officer who was cleaning something on the floor, ‘get on the floor and eat it, you pig,’” Ms. Cyrulnik continued...

Other protests have “used slogans like ‘flood Teaneck streets’ and ‘flood Teaneck’s parks,’ terminology from the Al Aqsa Flood operation” — the October 7 attack — to evoke a sense of fear, Mr. Gross said. And the car rallies have involved honking, throwing things at pedestrians, running red lights, and obstructing the flow of traffic, he added...
Anna Ahronheim @AAhronheim:
According to Israeli media, Hamas used poisonous gas during its attack on the Nachal Oz army base on Oct7th. An IDF investigation found that the gas caused suffocation and loss of consciousness that resulted in death within a few minutes.
Yaron Avraham ירון אברהם
Dec 12, 2023
בלעדי במהדורה | הקלטות התחקיר של צה"ל על מה שקרה ברגעים האחרונים בחמ"ל התצפיתניות בנחל עוז וההודאה: גז רעיל שמביא לחנק ולאובדן הכרה שמסתיימים במוות תוך דקות בודדות הוחדר לחמ"ל @N12News
1:13 AM · Dec 13, 2023
Be'er Sheva;

Swastikas were discovered on (obviously stolen) various receipts of supermarket chain- scattered, with the sentence 'death to the Jews.' (Resemble other Arab swastika drawing style). link Jan/2024.
Emily Schrader vs. Abby Martin.

Emily Schrader - אמילי שריידר:
Apr 5, 2024
How many times can 9/11 truther Abby Martin refuse to condemn Hamas rapists in her debate with Emily Schrader on Piers Morgan Uncensored? 😂 😂 😂

How hard is it to condemn rape Abby?!

For shame.

I see a failure of imagination from these ceasefire callers. In their comfortable condos six million miles away from Israel, they have no clue what it’s like to have a savage enemy literally at your doorstep. They don’t care enough to understand what’s really at stake for Israel, understand its legitimate fears; nor do they care to understand what’s at stake for Gazans living under a government that prefers to see its own starve and killed. At best they know how to chant a meaningless slogan. At worst a slogan that would bring Israel’s demise. But it makes the ceasefire callers feel better. At least they’re doing something, they tell themselves. They’re talking to themselves.

A call for ceasefire coming from a true desire to save lives and a willingness to sacrifice would sound very different.

What if the President Biden or King Abdullah of Jordan declared, “I want peace, and I’m not going to shut up about it till it happens. So here’s what we’re going to do: Protest in the streets and in front of government embassies, demand Hamas release the Israeli hostages and allow its own Gazan citizens to evacuate and get humanitarian aid. Call on the British government — and every country — to no longer provide sanctuary to the Hamas billionaires swimming in UN humanitarian bucks. Kick them out, hound them, imprison them. That’s the first step. Till then, how dare we talk about ceasefire, when the fire of Hamas hasn’t been put out? The problem of Hamas is everybody’s problem, not just Israel’s.”

This is a call for action that has meaning and leaves me warm. Best of all, I don’t pick up on any hateful signals underneath the call for action.

While Haredim (ultra orthodox Jews) choose not to serve in the army, they are still target by racist Arab Muslims with a "palestinian" ID or not.
From JR blog:

Oct 7 atrocities? A continuation of over 100 years of genocidal Arab campaign

On CNN, Apr 11, 2024. 10:42pm with Abby Phillip, Pro Nation of Islam Hitler-fan Farrakhan - Melina Abdullah, Islamist bigot, 'naturally,' refused to denounce Oct 7.

She went on about "75 years ago" and even stated "a state that was founded on G". Nevermind that the --Arab on Jews-- massacres and the genocidal calls of Itbakh [Adbakh] al Yahud began over 100 years ago: in 1920 [Another Tack: A-Dawla ma’ana], 1921, 1929 [October 7 Happened Before, in Hebron], then some 3 years after Arab-Palestine's leader, al-Husseini the Mufti rushed to offer help for the Nazi regime barely 2 months with Hitler ascend to power, that 1936-9 terror with the help of Nazi Germany's weapons, and of course we all know his crimes during WW2 and the consensus among Arab-Palestinians right after that, cheerfully backing his leadership.

As a journalist put it: 'The language of Hamas’ leaders echoes the language of Al-Husseini, who invoked listeners on Radio Berlin in 1944 to "Kill the Jews wherever you find them."'

As to mass-rape, that was already back then in 1929 Hebron massacre: "He learned that they had been living in Hebron for generations, that they knew their Arab neighbors well and regarded many of them as friends. In fact, the Sephardic community had been living in Hebron for eight hundred years, the Ashkenazim for perhaps one hundred. ... Sixty-seven Jews had been killed. Most were Ashkenazic men, but there were also a dozen women and three children under the age of five among the dead." [Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1929] [https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-moral-duty-to-destroy-hamas-ba626a41] on non-Zionist pious Jews, as well as in the other massacre which the aforementioned al-Husseini and Arab-Palestinian teachers instigated ahead of the Al-Muthanna / Futuwwa led Arab-Nazi pogrom in Iraq June-1941, the Farhoud. Author: 'Toddlers and babies were murdered in the arms of their parents. They also attacked girls and women and raped them in front of the men and then abused them, cut them to pieces and spread their organs all over.' [Yehude Bavel].

And what about "75" years ago? Truth must be told about the genocidal calls by Arab leaders, from the Muslim Brothethood (Hassan Al Bana on Aug 1, 1948: "If the Jewish state becomes a fact, and this is realized by the Arab peoples, they will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea" [AIM TO OUST JEWS PLEDGED BY SHEIKH; Head of Moslem Brotherhood Says U.S., British 'Politics' Has Hurt Palestine Solution (Published 1948)]) to Arab League (Azzam Pasha on Oct 11, 1947: "a war of extermination and momentous massacrewhich will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades" [Azzam's Genocidal Threat]), and others. As well as the massive German Nazis, ex SS, training and aiding Arab soldiers to fight in 1947/8.

The first "liberation" guy [PLO], Ahmad Shukeiri [Shukairy] who advocated for Hitler during WW2 [Congressional Record] [Congressional Record] [February 03, 1967 - Image 9] and, with Jamal Husseini, had justified the Holocaust [‎⁨Behind the British Conspiracy ⁩ | ⁨B'nai B'rith Messenger⁩ | 12 July 1946 | Newspapers | The National Library of Israel] less than a year after, declared days ahead of the Six-Day war that "none of them will survive." [‎⁨emtorial ⁩ | ⁨B'nai B'rith Messenger⁩ | 11 August 1967 | Newspapers | The National Library of Israel].

Worth mentioning, that Oct 7 Arab Palestinian sick attackers were laughing [https://www.cnn.com/2024/01/04/middleeast/sexual-assault-october-7-israel-witness-int/index.html] as they raped and shot people in cold blood, or the large group surrounding hostage girl jeering as she wails [Terrifying new footage shows Noa Argamani being seized by Hamas], or the racist Arab nasses in Gaza rejoicing with jubilation upon receiving the injured hostages and some beating a boy too. I.E. it is the frightening revelation what happnes when just given the opportunity, the twisted groomed masses, to dehumanize Jews, by radical Imams' sermons and official media - burst out in the open.

First Abdullah tried to cop out by saying she is not a member of Hamas, but the anchor replied "I'm also not a member of Hamas and I have no problem to condemn the Oct 7 attacks." Then she began that ranting: "I find it..."

She appeared with Israelophobe Cornell West and reaffirmed proudly BLM's pro-Palestinian statement right on Oct 9.

The issue of Hamas' vision of an only Islamic state was not mentioned.

West (who also repeated that "75" song) seems more misguided seen it in his black liberation lense, than cynical malicious-Melina.

One can fairly assume, these two "activists" would not want to know that the essence of Arab rejection in 1947/8 was explicitly Arab racism. In the words of aforementioned Jamal Husseini representative of the Arab Higher Committee (AHC) at the time, that it would be against "Arab homogeneity." [Israel's Moment]. This same Jamal, on Sep 29 1947 served notice that they would drench the soil of the Holy Land "with the last drop of our blood in the lawful defense of all and every inch of it." [PALESTINIAN ARABS REJECT U.N. PLANS; WARN OF A BATTLE; Jamal el-Husseini Threatens to Drench Holy Land With Blood 'in Lawful Defense' (Published 1947)].
If one seeks the 'perfect' combination of racism and genocide, that is.

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