Hillary did not concede immediately

Again, it is hilarious that you find it purely coincidental that Hunter was on the board at Burisma at this time. It seems as though the left can be convinced of literally anything that protects their cause, no matter how obvious.

He wasn't on the board during the time the investigation was focused.

Your inference and coincidence is not proof of malfeasance.

Now, back to Hillary.

As to the sticking to the thread topic, I was just responding to your post regarding Hunter.

Hillary didn't concede. She has made comments since that she won the election. Just more hypocrisy from the left.
She did concede.

The old twat also later suggested that the election was stolen.

She still claims Trump was an illegitimate president.

DemoKKKrats are the real election deniers. Always have been.

Old Joe still has election deniers in high places in his administration:

By keeping his job. Shokin was fired and the investigation was dropped less that one year later. Hunter's boss got off easy, which was the entire goal of hiring Hunter in the first place. You didn't think Hunter just happened to be hired to the board of a Ukrainian company that was under investigation in 2014, the year just prior to his dad being designated by Obama to look into Ukrainian corruption?
There was no investigation to drop.

Stop lying
I can link all kinds of articles talking about it…would you believe any of them? My guess is no.

I’m telling you, the information is out there, all you need to do is just google it, but I suspect you won’t, just like you won’t believe any link I post
Sure it is.

Surrender accepted
You're free to embrace whatever conspiracy theories you like.

The first amendment is not a conspiracy theory.

I very much enjoy seeing you claim that vaccinated people can't get covid, men get pregnant, and Trump carjacked the Secret Service on January 6th.

Rock on you crazy SOB!
What are you babbling about?

I never said any of those things and they are irrelevant to the topic regardless.
No, she did not.

3 years after her defeat. One minute mark

I still don't see her raising an army of ragtag losers and Rambo wannabe's and encouraging them to "peacefully" (nod, nod, wink, wink) march on the Capitol and "fight like hell!" to "take their country back" by denying the transfer of power to the rightful winner of the election like Trump did.
Do you?
Yes while the people are free that barricaded innocent people in a police department and tried to burn them alive are free. But that was peaceful. Fuck off.
See? I knew you could not prove me wrong. Fucking lying retard.
You see the problem then with them chasing Trump for that very reason. Had Trump did real crimes he would be like Cohen and been tried and put into prison. In fact one issue they charged Trump with is past the statue of limitations time restriction.
its because Trump was president at the time. Unindicted "individual 1", likely due to federal prosecutors lacking access to the NY business records.

The statute of limitations on business records falsification extends when its used to conceal another crime.

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