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Hillary Clinton must be upset


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Nov 30, 2019
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Granite State
Fuck off. I'm tired of your constant Nazi braying. Get lost and go back to your Stormfront board.

I'm tired of you vile fucks being Nazis and constantly fantasizing about murdering people because they support America.

I'm tired of you Nazi fucks screaming about 1/6 while pretending you didn't do the same in July when you stormed the white house.

I'm tired of your desire for genocide, your lust to slaughter a hundred million people because they have white skin.

You are subverting the Republic and installing your Reich.

Uber Alles Democrat

Too bad, Boy Who Cried Nazi. Your man lost. Either choose to be part of the solution or people like me are going to stop caring what Trump supporters want.
No one stormed the White House. A couple of people trying to climb a fence have no chance of getting near the President. A couple of hundred people storming
the Capitol in an organized insurrection did have the chance of getting near politicians and the VP.

On November 3rd, Americans voted for sanity. Your hero is shortly going to be a shitload of legal hot water.

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