Hillary also claimed that her shot at winning the presidency was “stolen.”

Seditious conspiracy.

seditious (adjective)
  1. inciting or causing people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch:
    "the letter was declared seditious"

late Middle English: from Old French seditieux or Latin seditiosus, from seditio ‘mutinous separation’ (see sedition).

thats like saying Hillary doesnt sweat, she perspires! same thing, both wrong!
Uhm come to think of it, there was an FBI plant name was James Comey who signed off on a FISA on bogus Russian Dossier, which tried to overthrow the election of 2016. Talk about an insurrection, those guys are going to be indicted once President Trump gets back in office.
That’s the same Jim Comey who reopened a closed investigation of Clinton just DAYS before the 2016 election and then closed it again days later?

THAT Jim Comey?
Trump actually did things to try and overturn an election; Hillary didn’t. Trump isn’t being prosecuted just for words.
No he didn't!!!!!!
Your "insurrection" NARRATIVE is BULLSHIT.
The call to Georgia was NOTHING.
How is it just a okay for Hillary to say her election was STOLEN, but it's somehow DIFFERENT that Trump did the SAME FUCKING THING?????
So? :dunno:
You can’t compare anything she’s done or said to the whiny bullshit Trump has been spouting for 4 years!


Washington DC during after Trump's win.



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I can. I do. And you get no say in it, stupid dishonest troll.

Either her election was stolen from her or it wasn’t.

It wasn’t. Therefore, she’s a liar and undermining “our” democracy [sic].
He's not the one being dishonest here.

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