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High Court Tosses Suit By Texas Democratic Party Against Voting Machine Mechanism


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Jul 1, 2011
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High Court Tosses Suit By Texas Democratic Party Against Voting Machine Mechanism | Fox News

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court has thrown out a ruling that could have halted the use of a certain electronic voting machine in Texas.

The high court without comment vacated a ruling against Dallas County, Texas. That county was sued by the Texas Democratic Party over the use of iVotronic machines.

They allow people to vote straight-party tickets, but if the voter subsequently touches any of the candidates in that party on the screen, their vote for that person is rescinded.

Officials say the Justice Department approved the machines, but federal courts in Texas say the straight-line voting change was not explicitly approved.

Before machines, Dallas County used paper ballots. If a voter selected a straight ticket, and that party's candidate, their vote for that candidate would count.

This is a good decision by the courts. It prevents the Democrats from 'requiring' voters to choose ALL the Democratic candidates if they only wanted 'some', but had started out by hitting the 'straight party' button. Now, they can still hit 'straight party', but also go back and remove individual candidates if they choose to do so.

Why would Democrats want to 'require' voters to vote for them???


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