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Here's the guy that liberals want to make a "victim" in the Schaivo case


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Mar 27, 2010
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He's not a victim he's a SCUMBAG!

- He wasn’t exactly a loyal husband. Schiavo dated other women during her disability. Moreover, he lived with his “fiance” for years before and during the Terri Schiavo court fights, siring two children with her before Terri died. Many would not hold that against him. But given those facts, I wonder who she would have wanted to decide her life and death: A man who had a family with another woman he couldn’t legally marry because of she was still alive or her blood family?

- He told a medical malpractice jury he would care for Terri for the rest of her life, continue to provide rehabilitation, and presented expert testimony she could live a normal life span. Once the money was in her account, he decided she wouldn’t want to live in such a compromised state–a little matter he apparently forgot to tell the jury. Within months of the end of the legal case, he reportedly informed her father that there would be no further rehabilitation and tried to withhold antibiotics from Terri after she developed an infection, setting off the first legal fight with her parents.

- A guardian ad litem appointed in the original food and fluids case opined that Terri should not have her food and water removed. The trial judge dismissed the guardian at Michael’s request and never appointed another–contrary to Florida statutory law.

- Michael went years without filing legally required reports to the court about his plans for Terri’s future care. The judge didn’t mind. Such was the “rule of Terri’s case.” The usual standards did not apply.

- He told a court official in 1993–in the antibiotics case–that he had taken her wedding and engagement rings melted down and made into a ring for himself.

- He had her cats put down.

- Michael used Terri’s money, with the approval of the court, to prosecute the legal case culminating in her death.

- As Terri was dying of dehydration, she wasn’t even allowed ice chips in her mouth.

- And this one has been bothering me for years: Schiavo put these words on Terri’s tombstone: “I kept my promise.” Who puts an honorific about oneself on someone else’s tombstone?

The effort to save Terri Schiavo’s life was entirely bipartisan, including cooperation from those rigid fundamentalist Christian Republicans, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, and Tom Harkin. But never mind: Politics.

Politico s Michael Schiavo Smear Jeb Bush Put Me Through Hell

This is the "victim" that liberals want to use against Jeb.

This besides the belief by the parents that Terry was not a victim of Bulimia but her own husband tried to strangle her!

You libs sure picked a winner to use to attack Jeb, didn't ya?


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Jun 27, 2011
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sw mizzouri
Why dig up this old crap?

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