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Here is my solution to the illegal immigration problem:


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Apr 20, 2009
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Reno, NV
Here is my solution to the illegal immigration problem:
The debate over illegal immigration really ticks me off. Some estimates range to upwards of 20 million illegal aliens in the United States.

The arguments in favor of allowing illegal aliens to stay and attain citizenship are:

1. They pay their taxes.
2. They do work that U.S. citizens don't want to do.
3. They work cheap.

Let's hear it for those law-abiding immigrants who do U.S. citizens so many favors by being here as a result of breaking the law.

"They aren't illegal immigrants," I have heard some folks say. "They are merely undocumented." Oh give me a break!

As one newspaper columnist pointed out some months ago, so-called "undocumented" immigrants are not without documentation. For the most part, she said, they do have documentation. Stolen documentation. Stolen identities.

And so for the sake of clarity and honesty, let's call them what they are: Illegal immigrants. If you prefer to call them "undocumented" immigrants, then you are being dishonest with yourself and everyone else.

Why politicians want illegal aliens to stay.
Politicians are mostly unwilling to take a strong stand in favor of deporting the illegals for a simple reason: In a prior amnesty, some eight million illegals were allowed to stay. Not counting the present illegals, there are some 41 million Latinos in this country. It's a safe bet that a large percentage of them favor amnesty for the current illegals.

No doubt many of the current illegals are registered to vote. Tally up the numbers and you have a sizable voting bloc, which explains why so many politicians are unwilling to pursue a program of rounding them up and shipping them out.

The politicians want those votes.

They want to stay in office, so they try to curry their favor (but they don't really care to admit this.) We are told (cue political tears in eyes) shipping them out will break up families, will cost many billions of dollars, Americans don't want to fill the jobs they have, it will make the USA seem heartless, and so on, and so on.

To no one's vast surprise -- and if you follow the news at all, you know this -- politicians are whores. Those with the votes are those whose favor they solicit.

Why don't we focus on the issues here?

What we should do now about illegal immigration:
The illegals should not be here. Enforce the laws. Here is my program to solve this problem:

1. Identify the illegals.
2. Round up the illegals.
3. Deport them immediately.
4. Secure that southern border. I don't care if it requires 200,000 members of the armed forces to do it. I don't care if the president of Mexico whines about it.
5. Assure a guest worker program will allow workers to enter to fill jobs as necessary.
6. Assure that guest workers arrive in the USA legally in order to fill those jobs.
7. Do not grant guest worker status to people who are here illegally.

What about the children of illegal immigrants, the children born in the United States? Should illegal immigrants with children born in the USA be allowed to stay? As far as I am concerned, children who are US citizens by birth can stay, provided their parents make some arrangement for their care. And their parents, those who are here illegally, should be deported.

If these parents choose not to leave their children behind, fine, they can take them along on the trip back to their country of origin.

Politicians want the votes of illegal aliens & their sympathizers.
The primary problem here is not the illegals. It is the chickenshit politicians who crave the votes of the illegals and their sympathizers in order to remain in power. That is why the border is so porous, that is why there is no serious effort underway to find the illegals and deport them.

Clearly, politicians want to be seen as friendly, fair and helpful, not as mean, cold and heartless, and so there is the warm-fuzzy aspect to this, as well. It's not politically smart to stand up in front of the TV cameras and say: "You are not supposed to be here. You are in violation of U.S. law. Get out."

Any politician whose pronouncements are in favor of any kind of "stay-in-the-USA" program is kowtowing to political pressure. That certainly includes President George W. Bush and a large part of the U.S. Congress.

Sen. Joe Biden, a Democrat, said in a presidential candidate debate in 2007, that the federal government is not going to spend a hundred billion dollars to round up and export illegal aliens. "It's not going to happen," he said.

Oh really? Get your head out of your ass, senator. Shut down the war in Iraq, which we never should have gotten into in the first place (as 80% of Americans finally realize) and get rid of those who are here illegally.

Where are the politicians with real guts on this issue? We have wall-to-wall pussies in Congress and the White House.

This is to the pussies in Congress and the White House: You have not secured the southern border. You have not pursued an aggressive program to identify, round up and deport the illegals. Show some courage. Enforce the laws. Just shut your mouths, get off your dead asses and do what you are paid to do. Are you listening, Republicans and Democrats? Get rid of the illegal aliens!


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Dec 14, 2009
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Rocky Top, TN
Oh, my. This is a high priority issue for you! You're not alone. I agree that the southern border should be shut down with as many military personnel as is necessary. Each state should have enough National Guard troops that they can be rotated in and out. It's not only the Mexicans who are coming over the southern border - it's people who are coming in from other countries because it's no secret that the border is wide open.

The Canadians keep a real close eye on their border with the US. If you have a criminal record they don't/won't let you into Canada.

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