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Nov 3, 2009
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No. He's going out of way to screw the tax payers of America. I'm going to sit back and watch you left loons defend the jack ass. He's under the microscope now. Not Trump.

Hope you enjoy cause I sure as hell will.
Well I have skin in the game. Only $400k and greater taxpayers see an increase. That’s a small lot of us. I appreciate your concern but it’s not going to bother my lifestyle.
Well good for you. Any Corp making that money will just pass it on to the consumer. People making that money already pay 60% of the Fed taxes paid in this country.

Oh and jack ass never learned what Kennedy, Raegan and Trump knew. Cutting taxes put more money into the economy and the Fed coffers than raising them ever did. Once he doesn't get the money he's looking for he will raise everyone's taxes.

Oh and I'm sure he will do away with the tax cuts. This might not bother you but it will millions of others. And those others vote.

Enjoy. I sure will.

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