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  1. FDR_Reagan

    Arab lobby in “jihad capital" Michigan: Biden meets dangerous leaders

    Finally the Arab lobby threats influenced Biden to be critical of Israel's survival war. Michigan, a critical swing state, is home to the largest concentration of Arab Americans in the nation, with more than 310,000 residents claiming Middle Eastern or North African ancestry, according to a...
  2. Pastelli

    Gabbard calls out Biden and Harris for their absence largest-ever pro-Israel rally (300,000) in DC

    Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard called out President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for not joining supporters of Israel who gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to rally against antisemitism. “There’s a very loud absence, though, in knowing that President Biden and...
  3. P@triot

    I’m old enough to remember when the Democrats were the party of the “working man”

    Now they are infinitely more concerned with totalitarian power and control than they are about rail workers who don’t even receive a single paid sick day.
  4. The Original Tree

    The Biden Regime wants to Illegally Outlaw The American Sports Car and Muscle Car

    Have you taken a look at the prices of used and new vehicles in the United States, specifically Sports and Muscle cars? Holy Inflation Batman! This is not being driven by so called supply chain issues, but is being driven by panic buying due to illegal mandates coming out of the illegitimate...
  5. P@triot

    Weakness INVITES aggression

    The reason the entire planet goes to shit when the Democrats are in charge is because weakness really does invite aggression. Right now, both Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China) smell blood in the water thanks to the weakness and incompetence of the Democrats. Both sides are...
  6. J

    New Yorkers grow a spine and protest vaccine mandates in Times Square

    . See: Mass Protest in NYC Over Vaccine Mandates Sunday, 19 September 2021 "A massive protest over vaccine mandates took place Saturday in New York City. Reports range from hundreds taking part in the protest to thousands." It should also be noted that on September 13th, New York teachers...
  7. P@triot

    Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago / Joe Biden’s America

    Strict firearm laws never work. Ever. After 100 years of their policies failing, at what point will they give up on their failed ideology and just do what’s good for their constituents...
  8. P@triot

    Bill De Blasio’s New York / Joe Biden’s America

    This is Bill De Blasio’s New York City in Joe Biden’s America…
  9. P@triot

    Joe Biden's CFAL Doctrine

    Joe Biden is clearly deeply committed to his China First America Last (CFAL) doctrine. The reason is obvious: the payoff is enormous for China Joe and is corrupt crime family.
  10. P@triot

    Democrat campaign “promises”

    Only took about 24 hours to miss President Trump. Because he wasn’t a politician, he delivered on his promises like we’ve never seen from an elected representative. With Joe Biden, it’s back to business as usual in the Oval Office. He “promised” he had “plan” for COVID. He lied. He “promised”...
  11. P@triot

    The ineptitude and incompetence of Joe Biden

    Ooohhh...Joe Biden’s administration “criticized” China. Wow, they really know how to swing the hammer. China knows now that China Joe sits in the Oval Office, they have free reign. As is always the case when the Democrats win an election, the entire world will suffer for the next 4 years...
  12. P@triot

    Once again the Democrats fleece the American tax payer

    We're $27 trillion in debt and idiot Joe Biden wants to pay exorbitant salaries for menial jobs. Which of course means taking more of the American people's money to cover it, or more unnecessary debt...
  13. P@triot

    Joe Biden couldn't wait to start issuing unconstitutional orders

    Joe Biden couldn't wait to start issuing illegal/unconstitutional orders. The President of the United States cannot create, abolish, or alter law. And our immigration laws are laws.
  14. C

    Here come the Fake Polls

    The same day Joe Biden is inaugurated and how polls shoot through the roof, with the public closed to the event?? Does anyone believe this
  15. C

    Why is Biden's VIRTUAL inauguration rehearsal postponed due to security threats when there are approx 30,000 troops in DC, costing $800,000 a day???

    Why is Biden's VIRTUAL inauguration rehearsal postponed due to security threats when there are approx 30,000 troops in DC, costing $800,000 a day???
  16. georgephillip

    Universal Basic Income: Biden's Best Bet?

    Almost everyone's aware of Alaska's Permanent Fund: "...The program began in 1976 after the discovery of oil on Alaska’s North Slope. "The then-governor, a renegade Republican named Jay Hammond, concluded that this windfall was too good to just give to the oil companies. "So he devised the...
  17. S

    Biden/Harris (or Harris/Biden) ticket

    Just found this site about 10 minutes ago, so this is my first ever post. My apologies if there is already an existing thread going over these same topics/arguments. Looking for someone to help me understand what makes both the Biden selection as nominee and his selection of Harris as VP either...
  18. Natural Citizen

    Murder Town USA: Joe Biden Calls It Home

    And now that he's running for the presidency, all of the murder we're seeing shouldn't really be seen as a coincidence. It's what he'll bring. And clearly it has begun . Look around. These are his people. This is his base...
  19. The Original Tree

    The Great Reset: How Globalists are Conning You in to a Cashless Economy!!

    The COVID 19 (Certificate Of Vaccination ID - AI) or "Covi Pass" Scamdemic was a planned Bio Weapons attack and Hoax set up by The UN, WHO, and Wealthy and Powerful Globalists to start forcing The World towards Global Tyrannical Government and a Cashless Society. To borrow an idea from the...
  20. Robert Urbanek

    Will Putin poison Biden?

    Will Putin poison Joe Biden to assure the reelection of Trump? Not enough to kill him but maybe enough to give Biden slurred speech and make him dazed and confused. Such a plan would require that Putin had a sleeper agent who had long ago infiltrated the upper ranks of Democratic campaign...
  21. JGalt

    Joe Biden Attacked By Animal Rights Protesters

    Did anyone else see what happened last night while he was speaking? Apparently two animal-rights protesters rushed the stage while Joe Biden was speaking. They were yelling and holding signs that read "Let Dairy Die." Too bad they didn't do it topless, like the "Let Dairy Die" protesters did to...
  22. P@triot

    A typical Democrat

    Lives an excessive life of opulence while refusing to provide even the bare necessities for his child. That’s basically the way of the selfish, self-centered left. Hunter Biden renting $12,000-per-month Hollywood home while refusing to pay child support
  23. JGalt

    Biden: "Keep Punching" to Address Domestic Violence

    Old Foot-in-mouth Joe actually said that last night. :laughing0301: "Vice President Joe Biden was asked Wednesday night how he would address sexual violence. His response during the Democratic debate drew laughter from the crowd. The former vice president was on firm ground when he began his...
  24. JGalt

    Why was Ukraine sending $billions to the US, and to whom?

    According to Ukraine prosecutor Lutsenko whom Joe Biden got fired, the corrupt former Ukraine President Yanukovych funneled billions of dollars to unknown recipients in the US. The fired prosecutor managed to return $4 billion of that money to Ukraine and was in the process of returning another...
  25. deanrd

    Why Joe Biden won’t be the Democratic nominee

    Biden: Dems may as well 'go home' if they can't work with Republicans to find 'compromise' Former Vice President Joe Biden defended bipartisanship with Republican lawmakers, saying if a Democratic president can't find compromise might as well "go home" and start a "real physical revolution."...
  26. P@triot

    The massive Democrat collusion to STEAL elections

    If you ever want to know what the left is guilty of, just check the accusations they make towards others. Their favorite tactic is to accuse others of their own crimes, so that when their crimes are exposed, everyone has been accused of the same thing and it appears more convoluted. They have...
  27. P@triot

    The Biden Campaign

    Considering that: A. The American people recognize Barack Obama as the worst president of the modern era and B. That Hitlery Clinton got her ass handed to her in a HUGE way by President Trump one would think that the left would want to run someone that wasn't part of the failed Obama regime...
  28. P@triot

    The ultimate progressive "logic"!

    So after Hitlery Clinton and the Dumbocrats hired Perkins Coie to work with foreigner Christoper Steele and the Russians for "dirt" on Donald Trump during his campaign, they are now crying that Rudy Guiliani has threatened to do something similar. But the hypocrisy there isn't even the worst...
  29. P@triot

    This is how Democrats see the African American community

    Time and time and time again, we see the racism of the left rear its ugly head. Joe Biden considers African American communities to be "the hood". Biden brags about going to the 'hood' to teach 'women of color' how to code
  30. P@triot

    Everything wrong with the Democrats in one neat little package

    The left will sell their souls for an ounce of power. Ms. Symone here checks all of the left-wing lunatics boxes: Racist - check! Lack of character - check! Immediately abandons views for opportunity (power, money) - check! She suddenly has no problem with white people leading the party...

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