Here are two quotes from the New York Times which prove that DEI = “Didn’t Earn It.”

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Jun 6, 2020
This is from my Twitter account. I am including the text with links, as well as an image that I created which also includes the text and the links.

Here are two quotes from the New York Times which prove that DEI = “Didn’t Earn It.”

The New York Times wrote, “The Board of Regents on Monday eliminated a requirement that aspiring teachers in New York State pass a literacy test to become certified after the test proved controversial because black and Hispanic candidates passed it at significantly lower rates than white candidates.”

Source: Regents Drop Teacher Literacy Test Seen as Discriminatory

The New York Times wrote: “A 2009 Princeton study showed Asian-Americans had to score 140 points higher on their SATs than whites, 270 points higher than Hispanics and 450 points higher than blacks to have the same chance of admission to leading universities.”

Source: White Studentsâ Unfair Advantage in Admissions


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The union of Zionist Fascism and the radical left wing LBTQ alphabet crowd is the "alliance for treason against America."

Both need to be purged out of every high position in government.

Michelle Obama and George W. Bush's friendship through the years

A Timeline of Michelle Obama and George W. Bush's Sweet Friendship

"DEI" is now basically a right-wing dogwhistle for "n-word".

Yeah, it is that obvious.

Is there some kind of commie dog whistle dictionary so we can find where you're coming up with this delusional crap?

You do understand what the "E" in DEI stands for, RIGHT? Here's a clue commie, it ain't "Equality".

So why then do you all use it in a way that means "they hired the N-word!"?

The real question is why do you support un-American assholes like xiden, he put out job listings that basically said "whites need not apply", especially white men. Isn't that a blatant violation of federal employment law? Also I once had a small construction company, and I hired all races, their performance determined if they stayed. I had two black brothers that were with me several years. The older one was my lead man. So take your race card and shove it commie.


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