He is again telling us who he is

Why in the world would the right wing blood thirsty nuts believe Trump has the capacity to win a fight? The loser:
  • Was bitch slapped by McCain trying to repeal obamacare
  • Was shit on by Mexico who said they’d never pay for the wall
  • Was limp dicked rejected by congress to build a wall
  • Tried a coup with a bunch of cosplay incompetent morons who failed with numbers and now cry in court like regretful wusses
  • Never ended any war and left it for Biden to clean out
  • Left the White House like a coward and didn’t stand up against a fixed election
  • Ran away from the Vietnam war with fake bone spurs
I mean… who does he think he scares? Even left wing tree huggers are tougher sons of bitches than that pussy.
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