Hauntingly Beautiful Songs

I recently heard the original copy of this song for the first time. Before I knew that the man who wrote it was singing it then, Neil Young of course, I thought that the voice sounded like it was coming from a woman who was singing the song at a karaoke bar after having a few drinks. Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris are who introduced me to the song when they did it in 1999 and to me, they are who do it the best.

God bless you and them and Neil always!!!


P.S. In the middle of the song, Neil sings, "There was a band playing in my head and I felt like getting high." I can't help but wonder if he was high when recording the song, his voice to me was in such bad need of work then, but he wrote the song, so I guess that he can sing it however he wants to. :) :) :)
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