Harrison Butker’s ‘extreme’ political views has made him extremely popular…the number one selling jersey. Are we watching a political movement happen?

You don't know that. Many of them will have kids that they can afford to raise. Children aren't the be all, end all for many people. You call it selfish. If you don't want to have them, then don't.
I DO call it selfish, and yes, I am a father of a daughter myself. Stay at home moms are ridiculed by you Leftist feminazi turds day in and day out.
Even filthy ass Libs like Ali Wong hate feminism.

I'm guessing you think Robin Williams was really from Ork.

All wise people will tell you…”If you wouldn’t support all people doing something you shouldn’t support one person doing it.”
That’s how one stays moral, principled and committed.
Simple shit old timer.
I really honestly in my heart of hearts don't care what others do. It's not my business to promote having kids. In fact it goes against every moral fiber in my body. Do what one wants and listening to others no matter who they are is a huge massive mistake.
Yep. I have a ton more respect for SAH moms than the female CEO who's a cutthroat bitch and either hires a nanny who's immigration status is questionable at best or dump her kids off at a daycare.
Butker has the same free speech rights as Colin Kapernick, and the same opportunity to be condemned.
This is not the same. Our nation will be destroyed. And we live with sports becoming the churches/synagogues and mosques. As the totalitarians have always used for power.
Because children do far better when the mom stays home to take proper care of the home and children, as it should and MUST be.
If she's such a bad ass CEO, surely her husband can afford to stay home and take care of the kids and the house?
Nope. Such a toxic bitch would never be a good mother.
Nothing toxic about being good at your job.

But the question was why can’t her husband stay home with the kids? It’s even more appropriate if you assume that she’s not a good mother that the father is the one to do that job.

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