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Apr 23, 2017
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New Mexico
"what forces you to hide them in a vehicle and causes them to be stolen,"
Post offices, court houses, etc., do not force anyone to be irresponsible in securing their weapon.
That is on the weapon's owner. Let's not try to shift the responsibility to the mailman.

Look, weapon owners need to recognize and accept that they bring into the social milieu an instrument with the potential for high-lethality consequences to society.
Their burden of responsibility is much much higher than the carpenter carrying a hammer.

Acknowledge that.
Accept that.
And act accordingly, as much depends upon it.
For potential victims harmed by the thief of THEIR weapon.
And for society. And for them.

Of course a firearm is a powerful weapon.
That is why police, criminals, and anyone who wants a say in their life needs to have one.
But your hypocrisy is obvious.
The greatest dangers already exists, the criminals, police, and armies of the dictators, who already are armed.
There is no way that anyone else can come close to causing nearly as much harm.
Your concern that those who want to defend themselves from this long standing and constant threat, are not and never have been the problem.

If you REALLY wanted to reduce gun violence, the first thing you would have done is made the police unarmed, as they are in Gt. Britain. The second thing would be to end the War on Drugs, which is likely responsible for 90% of the guns in the US.
Talking about disarming the least dangerous members of society instead, is just silly.

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