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Great Socialist Victory Of Our Hope And change Revolution Under Way--Like March 2009!


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Feb 22, 2009
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The Ivy League now acknowledges, tacitly, that they did a major waste off time and money, called "The Stimulus," which was actually a "Preservative!" The educators at the Ivy League will not so state that there was only a "Preservative," and no "Stimulus," since people might learn about phenomena, and understand them. Only recently are Public Works being widely advocated.

"Educating People" is not a distinguishing trait at the Ivy League. Arithmetic, for example--and especially in divoirce courts--is never at all engaged in the law, in their schools, used in the law in their schools, or employed in any settlement of any dispute at law, that is taught in their schools. The White House, in fact, has examples. . . .well!

Still, the Federal Reserve Board has recently noted that QE2 is working its way through the economy.

This appears on an internet discussion, and also appears above:

"Most economists still believe the U.S. will skirt another recession. That view is based at least in part on historic efforts by the Federal Reserve to pump money into the financial system and drive interest rates to the floor. The policy, which the Fed intends to continue for the next two years, is designed largely to offset losses to banks and households from the ruinous lending binge that brought down the housing market."

Bush caused this, and Paulson and the Banks--and RNC. Even S&P knows about the inanities of the GOP, and most recently. Orginally GOP said "No" and "Hell, No!" to the "Preservative." Only a month ago they were willing to bounce all the paychecks of the troops in the field, during this month of August: In retaliation for it all. Even investors appear to have noticed!

So Continuing,

"The strategy is working, New York Fed President William Dudley said Friday, who referred to a "slow convalescence" in household finances and banking system help. And a recent Fed survey confirmed that bankers are increasingly willing to lend."

"But cheap, widely available credit hasn't yet produced the expected effect of boosting spending and growth."

The "Preservative" mainly paid the people who helped to cause the downturn in the first place. These were the bankers, bureaucrats, and baccalaureates--the latter claiming to be educators, and commentators, though they have no doctorates. No child is worth their time and effort. Doctorates they do not have, and that is the law.

China did public works, and to excess. Now they have gluts of items like entire builidings. The Obama "Preservative" did contain Schedule M, the Refndable Make Work Pay Tax Credit. The 40% of households, with no federal income tax, still got the $400.00 per adult, more or less. Seniors got a stipend to make up for the COLA they did not get. And so there was the first ever, National Cost of Living Adjustement, paid as more or less equal amounts: First time ever in history. China now needs one, two(?): Which is math. The Ivy League apparently, "Does Not Play That(?)!" China now needs that!

The Model is found in Matthew 20::1-16, wherein the laborers hired last get the same pay as the laborers hired first. The banker/GOP alternative was to reject the advice of Old and New Testaments alike, and attempt to extract usury from the poor.

Texas Governors are famously for that, and likely GOP House reps from Texas and Minnesota: The unknown parts.

So the "Preservative" failed, and the bankers had failed, but QE2 is now working its way into the economy--just like the "Preservative" kicked in after several weeks, in March, 2009. There will likely be policy initiatives aplenty worldwide, and within a month or two.

Interventions are opposed at GOP--Ron Paul v. Federal Reserve, Boehner-Cantor-McConnell v. Obama-Reid-Pelosi--but mainly GOP is opposed worldwide, when eventually they find out what has happened, and what they did.

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Commencing The Final Solution to the Presbyterian Question: "Just where is all this money going to come from?")
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