Gaza's Floating Humanitarian Pier Is Off to a Rocky Start


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Mar 19, 2015
The U.S. Military is a DEI shambles.

Begun under Obama, slowed by Trump, full speed ahead under POTATUS Biden and more DEI.

DEI = D_I_E.

Nearly two weeks since the establishment of the new $320 million U.S. pier project for delivering humanitarian assistance to residents of Gaza, virtually none the aid flowing into the besieged enclave has made its way to those in need, officials say.
Last Friday, the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) began distributing a limited number of high-energy biscuits that arrived via the new maritime route, among the first shipments unloaded from the pier.

And see:

"Another military fail brought to you courtesy of DEI."
Gator Navy can deliver supplies with their hands tied behind their backs.

Political stunt is all this is
The 12-day life of Biden’s $320 million pier:

May 17: “Aid flows into Gaza over massive U.S. pier”

May 21: “None of the aid from U.S. pier has been delivered”

May 25: Pier damaged but “still functional”

TODAY: “Pier operations suspended after piece breaks off”





And almost all aid that was delivered was stolen by Hamas terrorists.

$320M while Americans sleep in the streets.

In a better day heads would roll.


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