Gas Prices: Where are all the threads?

Of course it's not true, you think Dems let truth get in the way of a good Dem lie? They spew lies like water flows, without shame or remorse. Dems are truly the scum of the earth.

If you feel that way about Democrats one would think you would quit voting for them.
Prices went up when Trump took over. They then collapsed over Covid. It's crazy how many people look back on the Covid era with great nostalgia.
Why do you feel the need to lie in every post on topics so easily proven to be a lie?
Since he has done such a fantastic job of lowering prices as you and Rightwinger claim when can we expect him to refill the Stretegic oil reserves that he drained? Or was that something that he is leaving out of his half baked plans?
Thought your wanted more oil? now you want less?
The trend out West over the last 25 years is to build new homes (for the common man) with Garage too small to fit pickup or SUV. If by some miracle an F-150 squeezes in, you can’t walk around it (to take trash out thru the garage side door). And everytime you park it is nearly impossible to get in-out with 2-cars in a two car garage. Your door damages the wall. You are in danger to scratch your new Truck when you lower the door.

Not just CA…’s creeping to the East. Don’t know about the NW anymore.
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