Garry Kasparov on Boris Nemtsov's Murder

Tom Sweetnam

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Aug 27, 2014
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Former chess Grandmaster & political activist Garry Kasparov was on Al Jazeera last night talking about the murder of his close friend and political confidant, Boris Nemtsov. He said something really interesting regarding the Kremlin, insofar as the level of security maintained around the complex.

I suppose it should be obvious considering the state of paranoia long associated with such a place, when Kasperov told Ali Velshi that there's only one "dead spot" around the entire perimeter outside the Kremlin Wall where security cameras don't cover the complete sidewalk. That's the exact spot where Nemtsov was murdered, thus his executioner/executioners couldn't be ID'd from Kremlin security cameras.

Also, it was less than 10 minutes from the time Nemtsov was gunned down before the entire crimes scene was hosed down by fire trucks, and less than two hours before Nemtsov's apartment was raided by police who removed all computer equipment, paper ephemera, documents, etc. from the former opposition member's abode.

The only thing Yeltsin didn't do was spray paint Nemtsov's apartment walls in bright Dayglo paint, "Hey! Guess who did this? It was me. Me! Boris Yeltsin! Don't like it? Fuck you!"

And how long till our own despot commie evolves to the same state of mind?
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