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Feb 7, 2019
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1. I don't have toilet paper
2. I don't have sanitizer
3. I run out of milk, eggs and meat daily
4. I promise if it's out on the shelf ... it's not in a hidden corner of our backroom.

Those are the predictable ones, now for the real stuff

5. I have been doing this for 25 years I did not forget how to order product.
6. I did not cause the warehouse to be out of product/
7. I schedule as much help as I have, including many workers working TONS of overtime to help YOU.
8. I am sorry there are lines at the check out lanes.

Now for the really important stuff:

9. My team puts themselves in harm's way every day so you can buy groceries.
10. My team works tirelessly to get product on the floor for you to buy.
11. My team is exhausted.
12. My team is scared of getting sick.
13. My team is human and does not possess an antivirus... they are in just as much danger as you are. (Arguably more) but they show up to work every day just so you can buy groceries
14. My team is tired.
15. My team is very under-appreciated.
16. My team is exposed to more people who are potentially infected in one hour than most of you will in a week (medical community excluded, thank you for all that you do!).
17. My team is abused all day by customers who have no idea how ignorant they are.
18. My team disinfects every surface possible, everyday, just so you can come in grab a wipe from the dispenser, wipe the handle and throw the used wipe in the cart or on the ground and leave it there... so my team can throw it in the trash for you later.
19. My team wonders if you wash your re-usable bags, that you force us to touch, that are clearly dirty and have more germs on them than our shopping carts do.
20. My team more than earns their breaks, lunches and days off. And if that means you wait longer I am sorry.

Thank them at every opportunity folks

Do not abuse them

Be mindful and careful when you shop
I saw an amazon commercial
Where they play sappy music and flash people of diversity ,women then praise the worker on the front lines ....sniffle...feelz

What they could of did is with that money instead of a bullshit tv ad is gave the employees a check instead
Amazon just gave all us underpaid slave grunts 2500 hundred

most would of been on social media going thank amazon I love you
The world press would of picked it up for free. as in million upon millions in free advertising and it would of generated a more positive image than a sappy diversity officer approved bullshit tv commercial.


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Aug 24, 2015
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Everything here is plentiful and large discounts since all the tourist traps are vacant. I generally drop about $600 a month on the house and animals. April 4 it came to about $450 for the same order as always.2010 prices almost.
I make my own dog food and buy "menudos" which I grind as the meat base and supplement with whatever comes out of the garden and broken rice from the mill( 50 lbs for $4). Generally menudos are 1000 a Kilo(2.2 lbs) Sat it was 525 a kilo. Under $1 a lb.
All is OK here since the people have no work and no welfare check on the way. I bought some killer avocado today for 12/$4. Not too shabby. They'd have been 3-4 times that with you gringo tourists loitering everywhere


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Oct 9, 2017
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alaska, usa
sappy music and flash people of diversity ,women then praise the worker on the front lines ....sniffle...feelz
It's a grocery store "flash mob." The labor union is after a targeted individual to shoot and kill or beat him or her to death. The targeted individual may or may not be a recognized member of any particular minority group, but rest assured the mob is also pressing criminal + mental health charges against him or her.

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