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For myself - 9/11 doesnt compare to JFK assn


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Jul 7, 2011
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No Calif, in the Sierra Foothills
I'm surprised to hear that. Shocked, actually.

The day of JFK's assassination was one of the saddest in my life... along with RFK's assassination and MLK's assassination. They were brutal murders of people who were in a position to make a difference to this country. But in the end, they were three people.

On 9/11 I watched in horror as more than 3,000 people died and the skyline of NYC was forever scarred. I had been inside the twin towers, met people who worked there. My editor's husband worked in a building just outside the towers, a building that I watched collapse, live, under the rubble of the collapsing towers.

I don't see how anyone could have watched that tragedy unfold, seen courageous police and firefighters dying, seen panicked people fling themselves out of buildings, heard the tearful farewells of airplane passengers to their loved ones as they plummeted toward certain death, who could possibly say that the assassination of a single individual was more disastrous to them.

I don't understand your mentality, sir. I don't understand it at all.

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