Fired OPP deputy commissioner to break his silence


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Aug 6, 2012
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TPS, OPP, RCMP. The covert, unaccountable variety are the trifecta of what's wrong with Canada.

This guy believed he deserved a job for life, as all his pals have enjoyed. The Premier chose a friend of his to replace him, after having dinner with Mark Saunders the current Chief of Police of Toronto (who gave Doug Fords brother a pass, though, I don't blame him for it) and who most surely spoke on behalf of Taverner the nepotism choice.

It's a circus here. Like the old Soviet system. Police power just as excessive and just as damaging to our reputation in it's abuses. Especially of allies.

Fired OPP deputy commissioner to break his silence
TORONTO -- A former deputy commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police will speak publicly today for the first time since he was fired by the province.

Brad Blair is holding a news conference in which he's expected to outline the next steps in his legal fight with the Progressive Conservative government.

The veteran officer was fired in March after a high-ranking public servant alleged Blair had contravened his “legal and ethical responsibilities.”

Blair had asked the courts to force the provincial ombudsman to investigate government attempts to hire a longtime friend of Premier Doug Ford as OPP commissioner.

He has also launched a defamation suit against Ford himself, alleging the premier damaged Blair's reputation when he accused him of breaking the Police Services Act.

Blair's lawyers say he will also speak about his efforts to “safeguard the independence and credibility” of the provincial police service.

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