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"Fire Obama" - Car Window Stickers


Oct 26, 2012
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I am from California. I called a local Republican Headquarters for a Romney/Ryan Bumper Sticker. They said come on down. I traveled 35 minutes to get there. I couldn't find the office, so I called them, and it just went to a voice mail.

I went home and created these home-made "Paper Stickers" with political messages - I just scotched taped up in the back & side windows of my car. I now call them my "humble stickers" as you have to have a little humility to sport them in your Auto.

Below is my craigslist ad to try to get people to download them. Please click the link below and put them in your car till after the election. Thank You.


- - - - -

Do you want to "Fire Obama"? - I do!!

- Didn't get your Bumper Sticker yet for this year's election? - I can help.

Free - "Fire Obama" - Car Window Stickers - Just Download any Window Bumper Sticker - Print it & Tape on your Back Car Window, or anywhere clever you can think of.

www mediafire.com/?3o13mmfgloy6k

^ (Copy & Paste the above Link Above (in another browser tab - for your Free "Fire Obama or Support Romney Sticker you just Print and Scotch-tape in your car window till
Election. Also put the . period after the www
| (Note When you see the Green "Download" Oval Button- Top Right Turn (Green) - Click on that oval and download the "window sticker") - or
it won't print right

I affectionately call this the "Humble Sticker" for your car's back window.

These can be printed "Letter" size, or "Legal Size" if you have legal paper and you change your (Page Setup - Paper Size to Legal) After you print them - Cut them to size - then tape them up.

I have them both on my Back Car Window & my Side Car Window. Great to show off on Freeways & Busy Streets, and Parking Lots.

Please email the link to all your Friends who support Romney - and have them Print it up on their Printer and Put it up in their car too - while there is still time.

If you just want to download and email what I'm sharing to friends and groups that would be

Thank You.
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