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FBI Scandal Over Sexually Abused Gymnasts Rises to Criminal Level, Says Inspector General


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Mar 19, 2015
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The FBI has proven itself to be a miserable, politically motivated, hack of an organization.

Look! A garage door pull.

What a shit show.

Michael Horowitz, Department of Justice inspector general, dropped a bomb during the Senate hearing to get to the bottom of the hideous and inexplicable FBI cover-up of sexual abuse of the women’s USA gymnastics team that led to the molestation of hundreds of female athletes.

Mandy O’Brien, a body language expert, put out the video below analyzing FBI chief Christopher Wray and his weasel-like responses to the grilling. Not only is the body language analysis fascinating, but this clip shows that the DOJ inspector general himself believes the actions of the FBI may have been criminal in nature. “We found that they violated criminal law sufficiently,” he said adding that he had referred the agents involved for prosecution. The DOJ inexplicably refused to prosecute and refused to even send a representative to be questioned by the Senate panel.

In the video below, watch Christopher Wray attempt to push the blame onto everyone but himself. If there’s a smarmier swamp-dweller in Washington, I can’t name one. What a jerk.

Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) asked Horowitz if the FBI employees misrepresented the facts of the investigation. Horowitz answered, “They did. We found that both the person who wrote the report that Ms. Maroney testified about falsely testified to us about what he did in connection with that report.” Then Horowitz dropped an incredibly scandalous nugget of information: “And Special Agent in charge [Jay] Abbott made false statements to us about steps that he took in 2015 when these allegations came in but also about his job-seeking efforts with the U.S. Olympic committee.”

Excuse me? The special agent in charge of the FBI listened to witness statements that Larry Nassar was fingering little girls and he didn’t arrest anyone, but instead tried to get a job with Nassar’s employer. Is that what I am hearing? Did an FBI agent bury criminal pedophilia for personal gain? Not only should he be prosecuted for lying to the FBI and for being a terrible person, but he should also have all of his hard drives confiscated and every minor in his life should be interviewed immediately to find out if he is a pedophile too. The Indy Star has done a great job trying to uncover this disgusting mess.




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Aug 4, 2015
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DOJ reviewing decision not to prosecute FBI agents in Nassar case

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco announced the news at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Violence Against Women Act

The Justice Department is reviewing its decision not to charge FBI agents for their conduct during the investigation of former USA Gymnastics doctor and convicted sex offender Larry Nassar, following testimony from several female athletes who said their complaints to the bureau had gone ignored for years.

The news came from Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, who told the Senate Judiciary Committee about it Tuesday during a hearing focused on the Violence Against Women Act.

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