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Eyes Only...top Secret!

Mr. P

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Aug 5, 2004
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South of the Mason Dixon
GOP Secret HQ

To; Karl Rove

From; G.Liddy

Subject; William Jefferson Operation "Dumbazz"

Intent; A team of anti-castro cubans will infiltrate Congressman Jeffersons Office by posing as Mice. Once infiltrated past the receptionist they will put US$90,000.00 from the Nigerian telecommunications Conglomerate he supports into his Freezer. Exfiltration by PaveLow on Office roof to follow. Alternate exfil route; Drain system. as always if captured the secretary will disavow your actions.

Service & Support;

1Each MH-53 Pavelow from 20th SOS Sqn.
4ea Mice outfits
1box "Bribloc"
4ea "L" pills
4ea Welrod silenced Pistols
4ea IR Strobe unit, SDU-5B
1pkg Loot

Communications; Once cash is in in Place, Secret Mind messaging thru Spongebob cartoons will notify local FBI office of success

I figure Him, InGsoc neo, Shoemaker and the rest of the Tinfoil Tuxedo wearers heads will explode pondering it.

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