European Emmigration Is Cool, But Where Are They Going?


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Nov 22, 2003
Considering the influx of Islamics, it's totally understandable. But pray tell, where are they going?

We're often told that Europe's declining population growth is not only a reflection of some deep spiritual malaise (it's nothing of the sort) or that, by definition, it poses some sort of demographic crisis (it needn't do so). What is clear, however, that mass immigration is not the answer. Those (such as the EU Commission) that claim that it is have to deal with inconvenient facts such as these (reported by Expatica ):
"AMSTERDAM — In the first nine months of this year, almost 100,000 people left the Netherlands to settle elsewhere, 12,000 more than the same period last year. About half of the emigrants were Dutch natives, the national statistics office CBS said on Friday. If the trend continues, more than 130,000 people will have left the country by the end of this year. For the third successive year, the number of emigrants substantially outnumbers immigrants, the CBS said. The net effect means the Dutch population was reduced in the 2004-06 period by 75,000. In the preceding three years, there was a positive net migration of 75,000."

And it's not only Holland.
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