EPA to Propose Strict Carbon Limits for Power Plants

Electricity is racist!

In the hands of the democrats it sure is....they will make sure that minorities dont' get to enjoy cheap, safe, abundant energy....and will continue to live in a state of poverty and hopelessness....the democrats and leftists around the world want to do the same thing to minorities across the globe.....especially Africa...
Most of the plants will not be able to comply.
It's an obvious back door ruse to banning fossil fuels.
These 3400 plants supply 60% of our electricity.

He did the same thing with CAFE standards in the future. Most cars won't be able to pass them. So then your only choice is spend 60K for an electric car or use public transportation anywhere you go, which is what the commies wanted all along.
Maybe the fuel industry should temporarily shutter the majority of their plants at the same time for maintenance to give our beloved Country a taste of the modern literal DARK AGES.

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