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Enviros Go Straight to Jail


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Jul 11, 2004
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good read...links in article at site.

Email Bob Beauprez | Columnist's

Joe Biden says the Tea Partiers behave "like terrorists." California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters has such disregard for the group that she wishes the Tea Party would "go straight to hell."

If Tea Partiers were really so vile, then why are arrests at a tea party gathering about as rare as hens teeth, yet when leftists come together, getting arrested is almost standard operating procedure?

Yes. They plan it in advance.

"Among the protesters who avoided jail Monday morning were Jane Kleeb, former head of the Young Democrats and now leader of Bold Nebraska, a grass-roots citizen organizing group," writes Politico. "She plans to be arrested Sept. 3. The protests, which began Saturday and are slated to continue for two weeks, are designed to bring attention to the Keystone XL project, which is awaiting State Department approval."

Over a hundred radical environmental protesters have been arrested outside the White House as they protested a proposed oil pipeline from Canadian oil fields to Texas refineries. Among those arrested are leaders of two of the protesting groups including Gus Speth. In a past-life, Speth served the Carter Administration as Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

read the rest with comments..
Enviros Go Straight to Jail - Page 1 - Bob Beauprez - Townhall Finance
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