Don't Ever Forget What Kamala Harris Did


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Jul 22, 2019
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It's one of the few things in her entire life that I support. You act like people should be embarrassed that she would support those who were arrested for protesting for a just, justice system. Hardly, the anger should be towards those who fight against that.
Curious, would you support Trump if he bailed out these Capitol rioters?

Here's your chance to be consistent.
No. You are unable to use basic common sense. I don't support what these people protested over so why would I support Trump bailing them out? I support what the others protested over.

Your ability to think is pretty lacking.

I can be consistent only if I support things I don't support? Does that really somehow make sense to you?
Yes., you support violence, looting and burning when is suits your agenda. That some strong common sense you have there.
Yes, it absolutely is. How is this controversial?

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