Do you think Biblical descriptions of angels and demons are about aliens?


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Jun 3, 2014
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That is why God are named after planets
Actually, the planets were named for the gods. The Babylonians named them for the gods in their pantheon, Marduk, Isis, Ninurta, Nabu, and Nergal.

Religion predates astronomy by centuries.
I didn't know your anus was a god.
In the Montrose Neighborhood Uranus is very Popular and some worship it like a god...
I haven't been through Montrose for a while. Is that a new club?


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Feb 26, 2017
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Democratic People's Republique de Californie
Define alien.
Supposedly of another planet. My thoughts are other dimensions.
Cruising from Jupiter(not FL) to here or maybe from a place so far the Hubble cant even see it is mechanically stupid(at this point) Now another dimension our chimp brains can't see nor comprehend is another possibility I think is more reasonable.Like the sky opening and Jesus rising to the heavens. Unreasonable. A hole into another dimension is far more conceivable.
C'mon. The people who recorded those old happenings were still beating barley with rocks.
"I saw a vision. He opened the book of life.Those whos names were not...."
Nigga you telling me someone has a book with all records of the activities of 10 BILLION plus people ?

How about a sort of Lap-book? We have that technology even now. Even those faggots at google could dig and quickly release the ip addys of everone who has jerked off to a Stormy Daniels vid in the last 18 months.
Amazon can send out the names of all those who bought a pink double D cell fuzzy buzzer in the last 10 years.. You think the Creator of all is surpassed by this lil handful of arrogant zillionaire Joo boiz ?
I would say alien is anything not of this world as Alex Jones said on JRE. Thus, it could include interdimensional beings. :D

I’d even say anything not of this timeline or the present day. So time travelers could be included.

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