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    Podcaster Joe Rogan gets 100 million dollar offer to switch to Rumble Lol. Does Rumble even have $100 million in the bank? Joe, if you decide to go this route, please make sure the check clears.
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    Alex Jones on Joe Rogan

    An internet rabbit hole drew me to this. BEWARE 5 HOURS LONG. This podcast is a fascinating probe into the mind of America's leading conspiracy theorist. My take? Non or under medicated mental illness. I left feeling a bit sorry for him. Interesting interview.
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    Do you think Biblical descriptions of angels and demons are about aliens?

    It makes sense to me that descriptions of angels and demons were how ancient people described and made sense out of being visited by angels and/or demons. I'd consider myself a deist for most parts. I was raised Christian, but I stopped going to church at a young age. I've still always believed...
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    Greatest podcast in the history of podcasts: Alex Jones returns to Joe Rogan Experience

    At its peak while I was watching, there were nearly 180,000 people watching it live. It only streamed about 7 hours ago, and it's at 1.4 million views with 92,000 likes. This is the best I've ever seen Alex Jones. Alex Jones is best when he has someone like Joe Rogan to slow him down and make...
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    Lawrence Lessig’s voucher system to reduce the power of lobbying

    I’m listening to the Joe Rogan Experience episode that he was on yesterday. It appears that it’s not his idea, but he’s the first I’ve heard championing it. Basically, it sounds like citizens would get X number of vouchers worth X amount of dollars each. For example, let’s say each voucher is...
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    Joe Rogan has more Black DNA than Elizabeth Warren has Native American DNA

    I’m pretty sure he has more Black DNA than Shaun King as well.
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    Bill Gates gives Nigeria a much needed reality check

    Bill Gates tells Nigerian leaders to 'face facts' so they can make pr… Bill Gates traveled to Nigeria to publicly give its leaders some tough talk. It was a highly unusual move but the tech billionaire believes the country is facing a critical moment. "While it may be easier to be polite, it's...
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    Disgraceful (2018 Tom Segura Netflix Stand Up Special)

    I was first introduced to Tom Segura on Joe Rogan Experience, but I didn't really watch his stand up until after I saw his bits on This Is Not Happening (hilarious series while Ari Shaffir was running it anyway). Since then, I've seen bits and pieces of his stuff and one other special of his...
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    Has anyone here ever been in a sensory deprivation tank?

    Here's a documentary about it called Float Nation: Joe Rogan is a huge proponent of sensory deprivation tanks, and he has one in his home (or maybe in his studio, I'm not sure). Next time I go to L.A., I think I want to go to Float Lab and try one. I hear it's $40 for 2 hours, which isn't a...
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    Former front man of Blink 182, Tom DeLonge, has some interesting claims about UFO's/alien technology

    DeLonge is also publishing a book by Bob Lazar, a scientist/engineer who claimed to have worked at Area 51. The following interview/documentary with Mr. Lazar starts out with some annoying sound effects, but the annoying sounds stop at around the 4:44 mark: A lot of people consider Mr. Lazar...
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    The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009 film)

    I had forgotten about this movie until I watched Jon Ronson on Joe Rogan Experience: This movie had definite potential and has an all star cast, but it just didn't amount to much. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen (not even close), but it's no where near as good as I hoped it would be...
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    Sargon of Akkad is now live on Joe Rogan, talking about Anita Sarkeesians and other silly leftists

    I don't know when this guest was booked, or whether it had anything to do with recent events at Vidcon, but his appearance on JRE is very timely: Anita Sarkeesian loses her shit over Sargon of Akkad & other critics at her Vidcon panel. IMO, Sargon's best video is the one about illiberal...
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    I could watch Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz commentate Bruce Lee movies all day.

    I would pay hundreds of dollars for the box set with their commentary.

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