Do any of you belong to a union? Are union dues tax deductible?


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Jan 23, 2014
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Central Ohio
So it seems you two above are against unions.
Especially since there are government unions and they act as political entities. . . as such, making them "tax deductible," is akin to having the tax payer fund the DNC?

C'mon Penny, use yer head.
I'm using my head. And their to fund the DNC such as you said is ridiculous.. Its individual tax returns!!
Well I'm against anyone that harms the workers.

Unions harm workers.

Which workers were hammered more..... Non-union Honda and Toyota? Or unionized GM and Chrysler that ended up bankrupt, and thousands of employees laid off?

Which harmed workers more? Non-union little Debbie, or Unionized Hostess that went bankrupt and everyone lost their jobs?

Unions harm workers.

Yes, if you go back 100 years, there was a point in time when Unions were very important and needed.

That time is past, and today Unions just harm workers. They take money from the workers, and provide only harm.

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