Divisivness, whos to blame?


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Aug 11, 2005
Yes, our country is hotly divided. The question of course is, who is really to blame.

Of course the liberals love to scream how President Bush has caused this to happen. But as usual, they really should be pointing at themselves.

Fact is, a country is run on the policies of the person who wins the election, basically. The dems dont like the policies of the man who was voted into office and are doing everything to thwart them. Including creating the exact divisivness they are complaining about.

The majority party doesnt give in to the minority party to keep the peace, then the majority who voted for certain policies would be powerless. Democracy is based on majority rule, and that wouldnt be occuring.

Its the minority that is suppose to set aside its desired policies in national emergencies or crisis, and support those who are in charge of dealing with it.

By so stringently CLAIMING they oppose the war (even though most of them voted FOR it), they are being traitors and creating the divisivness

If they wanted to end the war legitamitely, they would let the people vote them into office and then implement their policies into place.

Maybe they can bring back Jimmy Carter, after all, he only served one term. Think of how strong we appeared then to the Iranians and the world

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