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Dec 8, 2016
As The Invasion of America Continues, Illegal Aliens are bypassing the usual Health Checks and screening required by The Federal Government to gain access to this Country and cross The USA's Sovereign Border in to US Territory, and because of this, new and old diseases are spreading across America. Some of these are hybrid diseases, others old diseases which were extinct in America, and others are drug resistant diseases America has not encountered until now. The massive influx of unscreened Illegals not only can overwhelm our Social Services system but our Health Care System as well.

If you didn't hug your kids today when they went to school, make sure to hug them when they get home, because sending them to a public school that hosts illegal immigrant students is now a risk to their health, their life and yours.

6 children die from andenovirus outbreak at rehabilitation center in New Jersey

Illegal Immigration and Public Health | Federation for American Immigration Reform


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