Dems Now Sweep VA: GOP Shown Anti-Spending In The Stores!


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Feb 22, 2009
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"Now Wishing In The Land Of Cotton, The Federal Shutdown Not Forgotten. . . .Look Away! Look Away! Look Away, No-Spending Brand!" Anyone notices that even the Federal Reserve is now more confident in the Democratic Party's, success with the economy! Heavily impacted, Federally Funded, Northern Virginia seems to have been on board the prosperity Train! Democrats are again the Big Three in that State Government!

Republican concedes in disputed Virginia AG race ? CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

Federal Spending also impacts the economies of Florida and Texas, without which they would fold! Those are among the famous brand, "Let Them Die!" level Red States. Going into 2014, medical professionals in Red States will not be prospering from the MediCaid expansion, from the ACA. In their own literature, they took away the money from about 1/6 of each of their economies! Spending from that in the stores will not be happening, only in the Red States. That will easily be shown what Republicans intend for small business owners, nationwide.

Even the Democratic Party, famous stimulus, is now being shown to have worked!
Millions can believe, again. The Holy Father seems to be on board with the different kind of economy--probably started after Reagan, with the Clintons. The Republicans are in-between that, and the current New Confidence, Federal Reserve.

Soon even ACA will be normal, and Federal Reserve Board tapering will be normal, since Democrats have steered the economy away from the McConnell-Boehner-Cantor-McCain, and Ryan, Paul, Paul, et. al. brinksmanship--of impending collapse. The Republicans are even on board with federal budgets.

Single-issue Democrats had been, at one time, a curse for that Party going forward. The Single-message of, "Let Them Die With No ACA!" has even been noted by Boehner as a bad idea to dwell upon exclusively.

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!'
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