Democrats, WHEN Are We Going to see some Law And Justice In Arizona?


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Feb 20, 2015
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We down here in Arizona have a DEAD border patrol agent. Now YOUR man via Holder sold the gun that killed him. The rifle was listed by serial number on THEIR purchase. So Holder bought it and the DOJ delivered it.

Now BEFORE you whine and say "Bush did it to!" Nope not in truth, the "Bush" guns were JUNK/UN-usable and just total garbage. If anything he is guilty of selling JUNK guns to a drug cartel and cheating them. HARDLY the same.

Holders guns worked and worked well as they DID kill a border agent. Why is no one in jail? Why do his two kids have no dad or his wife no husband? Why is that democrats? Is there a logical and reasonable excuse for that?

A man DIED democrats and I think you owe me AND Arizona PLUS every law officer working or retired a really really good reason. Law And Justice to democrat is toilet paper and when they feel the need to wipe they use it.

I am 90 miles north of the border. YOUR open borders DID this. People ARE dying and YOUR man's prints are all over it. So what say you democrats? When will Arizona see some of that "Law and Justice" come FROM the DOJ?

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