Democrats have a FEVUH...a Fevuh for Cash and Corruption


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Aug 4, 2015
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Kander found taking in cash from firm with sketchy “donations for bonuses” scheme - Hot Air

Jason Kander, the Kansas carpetbagger currently locked in a tight race to unseat Roy Blunt in the Missouri Senate race, has been found to have taken significant campaign contributions from the Thornton Law Firm in Boston. That’s been a regular stop for Democrats looking for money, but they’ve drawn some unwanted attention for the way they handle their finances. It turns out that partners at Thornton have been donating to large numbers of Democrats and then “coincidentally” receiving bonuses in the exact same amount shortly after the checks clear.

Experts say the Thornton Law Firm’s contributions to Jason Kander are illegal and allowed the firm to donate money in excess of campaign finance limits to Jason Kander.

Daniel Petalas, an attorney who served as acting general counsel of the FEC until September, told the Boston Globe that reimbursing donors is “among the most serious campaign violations, in the view of both the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice.”

From leaked DNC e-mails to Hillary's E-mails to rigged DNC Primaries to voter Fraud to Massive Wide-Spread Campaign Finance violations....the Democrats are being exposed as being corrupt as hell!

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