Democrats Closing Cash Crop With GOP


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Nov 30, 2003
North Missisippi
Without Corporate cash, GOP would be nada, not significant, no meaning in the truly American Dream.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Democrats' Senate campaign organization raised $13.6 million in September, outpacing the Republican National Committee and setting the stage for an expensive and brawling finish to the 2006 campaign.

Overall, Republicans still hold a financial advantage going into the final days of the campaign. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reported $23.1 million in hand, compared with $26 million reported by the RNC.

But the numbers show a closing trend for Democrats who have been lagging behind overall Republican fundraising.


The Democratic National Committee, which trails the RNC in fundraising, had not yet released its figures.

On the House side, the National Republican Congressional Committee reported raising $12 million in September, with $39.2 million cash on hand. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had not yet made its numbers public.

Get it?

first, if Democrats are borrowing heavily to catch up with Republicans thats not a good sign for them.

Second, what the heck is the problem of being supported by businesses? Since when is it bad?

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